Great Miami River near Troy Part 2

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    We found the water up another 2 feet as we arrived Sunday morning and the looks of a milkshake. We had chubs and used the gas but it was tough going. To begin I brought medium Uglystick and smaller equipment so anchoring weights was almost impossible in the roaring water below the low head. I knew there some weeds where we usally bank fished from so by casting upstream about 20 feet only 4-5 feet away from the levee wall my line would rest in these weeds and sort of snag. Got the smaller of the 2 bigger fish within minutes on a whole chub. Got the bigger one, same length but FAT a few mintues later. They were both the same length approximately but the heavier was 8 lbs on the scale the other 5. Belly was just bulging from feeding Wow. I actually caught about a 5 inch bullhead out of that hole, the first I have caught in 25 years that was about 6 inches on a 3 inch chub...who knows??? TJ had a bad day caught the smaller one in the picture and we each released several dinks. Sure was fun, then sad coming home to hear the news of Tony. Thoughts and prayers for his family. Waited until today to post as I wasn't feeling that the right word after reading of his passing. Cell phone pic alert.

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