Great Miami River - Been a while

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    I am stuck at 8.8 lbs on flatties buddies have done better on GMR. Been nailing good eating size channies near Troy. They seem to be stacked up in that stretch of the river. Creek chub heads or a smashed bass minnow and a live one on the same hook drifted through the holes is working great and has been the past few Sundays. My last trips to Franklin/Miamisburg were fruitless wiht pole benders either tying up on debris or throwing the hook. One had to go near 40-50 and with no net, struggling down the bank snapped 20 lb power pro on a rock before I could get my hands in it's mouth right after my buddy left with the net :angry:. Here he is with 18 lbs of shovel from the spot.

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    Nice fish man congrats on the catch. The bigger ones are in there, that is what they tell me anyway, lol.