Great Miami River and Skipjack

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

    I've been reading up on them for hours now and it seems like the GMR has some pretty good properties to hold them. Just yesterday as I walking the river bank I startled a huge school of fish that were in about 2 feet of water. These fish were jumping almost in unison into the deeper slackwater to get away from me. Were these shad or what?

    The other day, I was standing right above a white water drop and in front of me is a huge back current. I look down and there's so many fish in 6 inches of water it looked like the ground was moving. The terrain in this particular spot is rocky, but not huge rocks. All the rocks are 1 - 7 inches in diameter. It's also a good spot to catch white bass and shad. What could these fish have been?

    I also have quick access to three dams, one of the dams being the last dam to the Ohio River off of the GMR. It's hot outside, it hasn't rained, and the water is low - apparently prime skipjack time. It's said that Skipjack target smaller fish and fry, I see fry all over the river bank when I'm at most spots, any chance there's skipjack in this area?

    I'll be looking for them for the next few days, if I get into them - I'm filling up a whole truck bed! :wink:

    / James
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    I've never heard of skipjack being caught in the GMR. One day me and my friends were throwing a cast net and got what we thought were skipjack, but turned out to be some other kind of herring. But if you were seeing them at the dam in Hamilton that's in the Riverside park, there could be a chance they came all the way from the Ohio river.

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    I hav'nt fished for skips in the GMR,but ican say this about them this time of year there where you find them.Spring is the best time to load up on the big ones.The small ones should be about the right size in a couple more weeks. Good luck.