Great Miami River 7-28-09

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    Hit the old hole again. The bite was kinda slow, but I did manage top catch a couple of channel cat... one of them weighed at 7 pounds on my scale. The size structure of the channel cat in my spot seem to be getting better. Also, I had some people come down and ask how the fishing was, there was 1 adult and 1 kid. The kid came down first and asked if I was doing any good. I told him I had caught a few and he asked about size. I told him they was all small fish. He then proceeds to tell me about a 43 pound cat caught at a nearby paylake and I told them that I don't fish paylakes. He gives me some bs story about why he has to fish a paylake and I said I thought the spot I was fishing had been dried up by all the trotliners.... he said he didn't think anyone did that around there and I told him yes they do and they steal a lot of fish from that spot. I can't confirm that trotline has been placed there as I have never seen them, but I wanted these people to know that there are those of us watching them.
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    good post, but i have a feeling the guy was playing dumb with you and was scouting spots.

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    Good stuff on the trot lines. I just cut a limbline i found the other day floating down the gmr through west carrolton. the weights on it will look nice once i melt them down in my pot.

    If you trot, i'm watching and cutting.