Great Miami River 13 May

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio
    First time out since April 7th. Beautiful evening and had just a few hours to fish. That last flood rerouted the GMR and changed our hole again, this time for the good. My son and I had out live and frozen gills, shad, and chubs, and it loooked like we were going to take a skunkin' until the sun went behind the trees. I lost the first one when a brand new spool of line parted in the middle on a hookset. He took a nice channel on frozen shad that was very fat - weighed a shade over 13 lbs. I had a run, then stop, then slack, and the the fish was coming back towards me a full clip. Managed to pick up line and set the hook in the first 2007 flattie, about 8 lbs, on crushed chub. Several more runs until about 10:30, but no takers. Both fish CPR'd. River was at 2310cfs, and about 7 inches up. Water was pretty clear, which explains the late bite. All in all, an excellent evening.


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    Congratulations on the fish! That is a real nice channel cat. I went out a for a couple of hours during the day Friday to try the boat out. I went out of Combs park. I caught one Flathead 9lbs-3oz and missed a couple. The bites are short, at least to me they are. They would hit make a quick run and that would be it. I have not tried fishing at night yet but I have caught a cat every time out so far this year during the day in the GMR. I hope it keeps up. Maybe I'll see you out on the water one day...good luck the rest of the year.

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    Good report, thanks for all the details.