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    Hey just wanted to make you norrtherners aware of a job opportunity I came across on another site. Not sure if this is available to Canadians since its a USDA job but never hurts to ask. Here is what the guy said -

    "I am working with the USDA on a very important project in the Great Lakes Region. The project is focusing on Fish Health and in specific, Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS).

    We are currently looking for some spokespeople. While there is no shortage of Pros with many patches on their shirts; we are looking for a more diverse and 'real' person/s to help get the message out. We are looking for anglers who are involved with angling in the Great Lakes region on a somewhat professional basis.

    #1 on our wish list is a female or minority spokesperson. Dee from casting for recovery comes to mind, but I think she is too east coast. I have to check. We are not asking for any money from anglers and it is purely an informational campaign, so we dont need a salesman. We need a caring angler who has somewhat of a reputation in the region that cares about saving us from this dreaded disease and its terrible consequences. This is a paying gig."

    If your intersted, or knows someone that may be, you'll have to become a member of and PM the guy that made this thread. here is the link to this post