Great Day was had today!

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    We got up early and my husband Steve drove us to Kansas City Kansas where the Cabela's Store is located.Now I've been havin hip trouble in my right hip. I have been to the doctor and had all kinds of tests run and they can't find a blame thing wrong.The muscle that surrounds my upper right hip going into the groin area man it gets so tight I can't hardly walk,so here comes granny.So I said to Steve"This thing is giving me fits and I can't walk all over Cabela's,there'd best be one of those handicapped baskets available. Now keep in mind I have never in my life oporated one of these contraptions.So we get there and see em and sign one out. Here I go,set down in it and commense to read the instructions.Turn button on,see red light,grab handles one switch goes forward one reverse.Now meanwhile Steve has took off with his walking cart.I look down,see this switch says "push for forward" well I push!!! And here we go,no horn on the blame thing,I catch up with him and take my finger off just in time.Now there is no slowing down you just blasted stop.Ok I say now just prepare yourself,He goes I go he stops I STOP!!! He goes down an aisle,Whoa we got problems,I'm hittin things when I back up scrapin things trying to turn almost knockin displays down.Steve turns around and says"you're comin in too tight,ya got to back up and swing wide" Folks I felt so rediculous! Well we head to the fishing department after we got our camping items.I met this lady who is a Customer Service Agent. She came over to assist me.First thing she wants to know is what kinda fish am I after,I say Cat I thought she was gonna dance a jig"Girlfriend that's my fish,I want to help you" I say great.She says my name is Catfish Sally, I have won Catfishing Tournaments,
    now this is turning out to be a sweet deal.She set me up with a good Catfishing Rod spooled with Cajun Red,which she states is her favorite brand of fishing line.Then she guides all through the fishing department just laughing(we both were) and having a big time cause myself and another lady were on these scooters.I started doin the RoadRunner BBeep when I was in reverse.She seen we were gonna run into each other so she's laughing and says Whoa you go this way and you go that way.I gave her our name and this website and asked if she'd heard of us.She said no. I said Oh Sally ya have to join it's the best web site in the world.I wrote it down for her and gave her my screen name and said "Check us Out" I hope she does she is a funny lady. She says now ya know what's good to use for bait,I says "Yes Live Bait and Spleen." When I said Spleen,She liked to jump a foot in the air,Oh Boy!! She says ,is that ever good bait.You can't throw it off,I don't care how hard ya throw. The fishin pole was so funny! She wanted to know what I preferred, I said"Well something that allows me to feel the fight!!" Up she jumps again almost a foot high,"GirlFriend, we are just gonna get on great you are my kinda fishing person. I never laughed so much at any store while shopping! I just hope she joins.She was just full of tips.Those kinda Customer Service Agents don't come along everyday and she really made my day. Wish ya could've been there,she was somethin else!!:big_smile_2: :haha:
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    Great story Pat!:smile2: I hope she joins!

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    sounds like you husband could use a brave man out front leading the way:big_smile:
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    Thanks Pat for sharing your Cabelas trip. Sounds like you met a future BOC member.Glad you had a good time. It's a shame you left your husband to fend for himself while you drove around in that Hot Stock Cart. Ha. Ha.:lol: