Great channel catfish and bullhead catfish bait

Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by Dark Matter, May 18, 2006.

  1. Dark Matter

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    Also works for carp!!

    okey hears whtcha need.
    1 pound of hamburger
    1 box of jiffy cornbread mix
    1 packet of cheese powder like from kraft mac and cheese
    1-2 teaspoons vanilla or vanilla extract
    3-4 spoon fulls of minced garlic
    about 1/4 bottle of a 2.5 oz garlic powder
    flour ( i use white )
    Oatmeal (a cheap tub of oats)

    Okay put the hamburger in a bucket and mix in the cornbread mix by just squeezing and rolling the meat in it until the box is gone. then do the same with the cheese powder. then cake the thing in garlic powder and mix it in then cake it 1 or 2 more times and then mix in the minced garlic and then mix in the vanilla. now you just add flour until you get it so the consistency is rather thick, enought you can pick it up and toss it around. now u need to take the tub of oats to the lake, right before you put the bait on your hook you mix in the oat meal, remember only to mix it in the ball you are using. the reason for this is so it will stay on the hook longer.

    now get out there and catch some fish!
  2. Jammer

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    Sounds pretty good.. I'll probably start with a smaller batch to try out. we have a lake here that is always good for a few bullheads for flat fishing. I wonder if it will work for suckers..?