Greasing your ball hitch

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    Had my trailer in for some work on the electrical system. Before I left the tech said, let me come out and put some diode grease on the electrical connections. He said, it will make them slide in and out better and it will improve the conduction. I said, "better than WD40?" He said, that's not a good thing to use. Once it dries out it actually might lead to rusting.

    So, while we were standing there I said what about the ball hitch? Grease that puppy up?

    He said, "no we recommend dry" Never heard that before.

    Was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on it.
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    Well,,,,,,,,,,,I don't know. I have towed trailer for ever it seems. And I have applied grease to a ball on a hitch before since it was a little contrary where trying to get the trailer on or off of it. Now I didn't just gob a bunch of grease on and leave it, I smeared grease all over it, then cleaned it off so there was just a grease residue so to speak. It did help the putting on and taking off procedure. But I am one that never ever uses the ball as a step to stand on for any reason. Those that do this and then use it to stand on are asking for a shin buster.

    I have seen trailer lights at night twinkling on and off or just dimming than brightening because their electrical ground was only the trailer ball. Since that is a pizz poor connection, you may or may not get good trailer lighting. I always make sure I have an independent ground wire to provide a good circuit.

    If the trailer hitch and the ball are the correct corresponding sizes, and it is hatched and locked like I do mine, the hitch should never come off the ball. If you have ever had that happen, you will know the true feeling of sphincter tightening. That is how they make finishing nails out of railroad spikes.. I had a 10,000 pound short trailer come off the ball when going down the highway at 60mph and will never forget the ride and feeling as the chains yanked from loose to tight and back 60 or 70 times. My fault, I found that I had put the wrong size ball on. One of those teaching lessons that you never ever never forget. But, no major damage.

    Ok, that is my thoughts.

    A nice big grease smudge on your pant leg might get some useful opinions from your wife as she does the laundry also. :coffee: