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Discussion in 'Boating Stories' started by Darrell, Feb 10, 2006.

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    My uncle and I were fishing the wabash river in IL utilizing another uncles john boat. The boat was 18 Ft with a 70 horse evinrude. I had used it before several times by I was still a novice at best. Anyway, we decided to bank the boat for a shore lunch. I was traveling downstream and turned back up stream and angled the boat to the bank. The river was kind of high and the bank appeared to have a gradual slope. Well it wasnt a gradual slope and the nose of the boat went up and the back filled with water. We jumped out onto the bank and before we could push it back out to level it off it was too late. It went down like "das boot". We walked back to a farmers house to get a ride back to the truck but the farmer volunteered his tractor and chain. We backed the tractor as close as we could and drug the chain to the bank. We could barely see the bow of the boat. We cut the rope off of the front and tied it too my waste. jumped in and connected the chain. The boat was eventually pulled out a little bit at time and finally we drained it. Of course the motor was flooded and the batteries shorted. We decided to float back to the ferry where the truck was at. A couple of duck hunters came by and gave us a tow in and we went home.

    I told my other uncle about the incident and he just laughed and walked out side to look at his rig. He hooked new batteries to the motor and turned it over. After a few attempts the darn thing started up. He just chucked and told me that it wasnt the first time it has happened and would not be the last.

    I felt much better to know that I wasnt the only one to sink a boat!

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    I bet if truth be told and a dollar was given for everytime someone sank a boat on this board...Pauls expenses of running it would be wiped out. I have sunk a boat 3 times just by being in a hurry and not putting the plug in.:eek:

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    Things happen. Always think ahead to reduce the odds, but things still happen. LOL
    Awful big of your uncle to tolerate the incident so well.
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    I am glad I am not the only one to forget the plug. My one buddy got a boat and I told him to always check the plug before you put your boat in. His response was "how do you forget something like that"! Well about two months after he had the boat, he confessed about forgetting to put the plug in. HEE hee!
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    just yesterday i put my 16' john in the water for the first time since i bought it to see if there were any leaks that need my attention before i put a floor in it. so ducain backs me into the water and we unload, i was standing around looking at the river and sky while ducain goes to park. well he comes back down and says man theres about 3inches of water in your boat. now i go to chuch with the guy i bought the boat off of so i believed him when he told that it didnt leak. so i got in the boat to see where all the water was coming from. i was just glad that the person who drilled that hole in the back of my boat had a plug that looked like i belonged in it sitting right there on the floor.:eek: .