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  1. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    I have been fishing Guntersville Lake for 50 years and it is probably my
    favorite lake. And I know the millfoil is a boom for bass fishing but it has
    made it almost impossible to drift for cats. People think that the grass is
    just in shallow water but its everywhere. You can see it on the depth finder.
    If you drag a weighted bait you constantly picking grass. You can do good jug fishing because you are above the grass. but I want to R&R sometimes. I have
    tried drifting under slip floats but you still pick up loose grass thats floating.
    I'm ready to holler calf rope. Anybody else have to cope with these situations.
    Any suggestions Any advice.
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    I know how you feel i do some fishing in the guntersville and scottsboro area and when i fish from the bank i cant stand it so i quit going from the bank. but you say even when drifting in the deep water there is grass. Dammit cant they do any thing about this grass. some people dont have a boat.