Grass Carp catching/bait questions

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by luke1wcu, May 5, 2007.

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    North Carolina
    One of the few freshwater fish I have never caught. I have heard corn works. Is this true and what else works? I saw some carp eating leaves that were falling off a tree today, put one on a hook and threw it out. I had one bite and let it take it for at least 5 seconds before I couldn't wait any longer and set the hook (even though I didn't feel any pressure) and missed. Please help!!!
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    Grass carp are not that different from common carp except they wise up to being hooked quicker. Corn will work, so will bread mainly bagels. The bait I have had some success with and others swear by is green beans, you first see the fish then throw to them. I have done best with bread floated at dusk to catch them, or bread floated off the bottom. Grass carp can be harder to catch and when you catch it and get it in then you need to be ready for a tougher fight. They will slap you around on the bank. I usually end up covered in slime and have scales laying around after a grassie encounter, though they are alot of fun. They are not as hardy as common carp so handle them with more care and you may catch them again.