Grandmas lard crust - Punkin gets the prize

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    Thank u punkin for your cornbread recipe. My Great grandmas lard crust follows. Actually I'm a winner too. Eithne moved me to another post spot with a list of archived recipes submitted by members over the years-excellent resource material.

    Grandmas lard crust

    3 C all purpose flour
    1 C real lard-Might have to kill and render your own hog, hard to find good lard nowadays. Drain the "cracklins" real well.
    1 large egg, or two banty eggs if you have them
    1 tsp white vinegar
    1 tsp salt
    5 T cold water-do not use chlorine water or river water. If the stuff out of your well or tap is no good buy a bottle of that pricey stuff all the fancy people drink.

    Mix flour and salt in a large bowl-cut in lard
    Mix egg, water, and vinegar, then drizzle over dry mixture and cut in.
    Form mixture into 2 equal patties and refrigerate for an hour or so.
    Roll dough out on floured surface- don't overwork.

    Thanks again Punkin. I got so much cornbread made now, I'm gonna see if I can make a dough bait up with all the extra. Thanks-Postbeetle
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    just happy to help out a fellow member, glad to see it worked out for ya. thanks for the recipe, ill hafta give it a try soon.

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    Hey Punkin, Any chance of sharing that recipe with me?
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    Hey Mike,

    Check out The BOC Diner

    More recipes than you can shake a stick at!