Grand River?

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    Has anyone gotten out on the Grand to find out if the cats are awake yet? I should be able to get out during the first full week in April. If I can I will hopefully have some pics to post...I met a cool guy named Capt. Lipske at the ultimate sport show at the DeVos, he has been running as a catfish guide on the lower grand for like 20 years. He knows a ton, and I video taped his hour and a half presentation :wink: I didn't learn a ton of new stuff, however he did give some good advice as to where he targets fish at specific times of the year. I fish way upriver of GR most of the time, say Lowell all the way to around Lyons/Muir, so a lot of what he talked about was fish that migrate in and out of the big lake, this doesnt apply obviously to fish way up where I live. Either way I recommend gettin out to the Ultimate Sport Show if you guys can here tomorrow. Its cheap and tons of fun for the fisherman and for your kids if they are into it. I got my sons picture with Kevin VanDam on Friday! :smile2: