Grand river, grandville

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    Fished the grand sat. the 7th. Did well, but had to work. found the deepest
    hole we could, fished the tail, nothing, we moved down every 45 min or so,
    and only caught a sheep head(on cut bait!) next we tried a tree that had gone in at the very end of this 8ft. run, and BAM, table sized channel cat.
    THat was at 1:05 am, for the next hour and a half we had good action, in
    all 3 flatheads. The biggest went 15 lbs. They would only eat the center
    section of a bluegille. we had 4 guys so we had a good variety of baits.
    In all I realized that I need to stay out later, normally I would have left at
    midnight and just thought they wern't biting.