Grand River Fiday, June 8

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    Grand River Valley, Weste
    I really wasn't planning to fish last night. I got home late from work, had no bait, the river was high & muddy, and I hadn't thought at all about where to fish. When I got home to an empty house, though, I remembered my wife & kids were visiting her parents- so I had my chance.

    All I could catch at the pond were three tiny bluegills and three big bullheads, not enough to make a night of it, so I had to visit the bait shop. They had some good suckers, but (Oh NO!!) I forgot to hit the ATM and I only had six bucks, enough for seven suckers from six to nine inches.

    After launching I tried three or four places looking for fish, but the level was high and the current was strong, and I had no luck. Right at dusk, about 9:30, I settled in above a medium size log jam and tossed out a sucker and a bullhead. Ten minutes later the Sheriff pulls alongside, and making no effort to be quiet or avoid disturbing the fishing, insists that I turn on my white stern light. He almost ran over my line & bait bucket, too.

    Well, right about 10:05, suddenly started the best 45 minutes of catfishing I've ever had. It started with a violent strike on the sucker, a fish that forced me all around the boat during the fight, making the e-glass rod, Garcia 7000, and 80# Power Pro feel like an ultralight. BUT... before I could even grab the brute, the OTHER rod doubles over and starts screaming. All I could do was lip the first one (when I could) and lay her in the bottom of the boat, then grab the second rod. Once landed, the two fish posed for a portrait side by side. I named them Sparky & Don, in honor of the two great guys who towed my gasless boat and spared me the ridicule.

    Here's where things went awry and I may have momentarily lost my composure. The line from the first rod got stuck in the zipper pull on my jacket, and during the second battle got wound around a few things and had to be cut. After the photos, measuring, weighing, & releasing, I realized (to my great dismay) that I had no baits in the water, so I quick grabbed another sucker, hooked him through the nostrils, eased him over the side, and picked up the rod. One problem. I had just hooked the sucker to the line that had been cut from my zipper pull, and I was holding a rod with nothing hanging off the end but line and the termiinal end was on the river bottom. Sigh...

    Several frustrated moments later, I finally had baits back in the water, and was fishing again. I barely had time to grab a beverage when I had another fish. Bite after bite, fish after fish it went until I was down to just one bullhead in the bait bucket, a 13 or 14 incher that had to weigh a pound. I hooked him through the back and tossed him out. Only a few minutes later the biggest fish I have ever encountered engulfed him and headed for the snag. I grabbed the rod and reared back, gaining line only for a second until the fish realized it was hooked and surged with enormous strength... and the hook pulled loose. I nearly cried.

    I know my equipment pretty well, and I can usually guess the weight of a fish within a few pounds by how it feels on the line. I would say my internal scale places that fish in the middle to upper 30's, if not over 40.

    I quit a little after midnight, with a 22, a 19, a 12, and a few around 8-10 that I didn't weigh.
    Man, I love catfishing.

    Here's the pics, that's Sparky on the left.

    Link 1
    Link 2
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    AWESome evening tony. To bad about the big fish, but still looks a fantastic night.
    Geez, i may need to make a trip up north soon.

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    Ithaca, MI

    Nice stuff there Tony!

    Hey out there folks... yeah I do surface for air once in a while.

    Ill be around.
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    comstock park michigan
    HOLY COW.......if i didnt know you personally i would have thought you were telling a whopper. your blood pressure must still be topped out. one good thing is that the bigun' is still there waiting for your next trip. (I'm guessing it will probably be tonight) good hunting.
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    Nice work Tony, it's hard enough to land one big flat by yourself let alone 2 at once. You must have been set up on a bunch of fish that were just waiting to feed. Always seems to happen like that. You get set up, then wait, and wait, and all of a sudden one rod goes then another. Mostly happens that way with channel cats but I gues big flatheads can hunt in groups too as you just proved.

    We had decent fishing that night too, nothing big though. We had a 3 lb channel cat take a 6" bluegill.

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    Sounds like you had a pretty good night. Thopse flatheads can get pretty active at times.
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    Tony, its great to hear you had such a blast! I cant wait to get my boat on the river for the first time, I still need to add rod holders, a landing net, some driving lights, and a fishfinder. Other than all that $$$, the boat is sweet for the river! I WILL SEE YOU SOMETIME THIS SUMMER OR ELSE! :smile2: Let me just ask you this question, did you launch at DNR park on W. River? I saw the sheriff and his little boat trailer parked there at the launch the other day...Heres a good story for ya...

    Early this year in I'd say the end of March my neighbor and I hit a log jam off shore in Ionia near the fairgrounds. We werent there but 30 minutes and we were blinded by an officers spotlight. One of my rigs is a ABU with a 10' berkley glostik, and she was glowing away at just before midnight. So he pulls up right behind the two of us sitting in a couple chairs, drinking some MTN DEW, eating some doritos, and he asks us verbatim... "So what are you guys doing?"

    We looked at eachother and tried not to laugh. His high beam headlights were lighting up my green 30lb test mono, and wouldnt you know it we had a bite while the officer was asking us questions. Then he proceeded to ask us why one of the lines was over to the left, and the other was over to the right? (there was decent wood to the left and right), and why risk crossing lines if we had a run. Once again we were dumbfounded by his questions.

    Finally after he took our driving and fishing licenses, ran his background check, he asks us as he returns our ID's "so have you caught any dead bodies yet?"

    I was now frustrated, and simply ignored him. What is wrong with some of these officers?

    Glad to hear you didn't lose your bait bucket!

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    Marlette Michigan
    Thats a great story Tony. That fella on the left is a pretty good looking guy. I must admit, I either fish at the wrong time or I'm not drinking the right beverage.
    Keep your lines tight Tony and find another 14" bullhead, and maybe you'll hook into that big boy again.
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    great story, and some nice fish, hopefully those two fish are a hint as to how all the fishing will be this year
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    Vassar Mi