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Grand River Catfishing

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Hello i am a bit knew to catfishing but i love catfish. and i was wondering how to get my bait for catfish to stay steady in one spot in the heavy currents of the grand river or any river with heavy currents. i have tried a drop shot rig with 3 oz bell wieghts on it and the currents still drifted it along the bottom. and i was wondering what can i use to keep my bait still so i can put my rod in my rod holder and just sit back and weight for the cat to come along and take it. i dont want to be drift fishing so i was just wondering the rig wieght or style of wieghts that i should use to keep my bait stationary so i can jsut sit back and relax and wieght for the cat to take my bait.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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