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  1. Dude75

    Dude75 New Member

    I will be going to grand lake Sept. 8. We always stay and fish around the Honey Creek bridge and always catch alot of catfish but would like to catch some crappie. What are the chances of catching any that time of year. Any help would be great.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. South Grand Laker

    South Grand Laker New Member

    you can catch them up their this time of the year maybe not your limit everyday but atleast a few, as of right now i've been limiting out on them below grand river but they won't be around their for much longer moving back down, don't go by any of those reports from those guides up their, they think just because they can't locate any that the lake needs restocked, ha , anyways good luck, and i'll reinform you on their status aournd that time