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Grand Lake St marys

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hello guys,

i fish this lake all the time and do ok but i was wondering if anyone had a good spot to go to and catch some of the bigger ones.... i live on the East side of the lake....
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Hey Nate, I have lived on this lake my whole life (east side now) and ain't figured em out. lol

There are some big ones and with a boat you could prob. search for them. Biggest channel is 10.8 and haven't caught a flathead yet. I really don't fish it much due to the tiny channel cats picking off the bait. they get annoying real fast. About the only time I fish it is when the wind is up over 20 and the waves are rolling over 3 ft. on the east bank. Boatless right now but some day....

Usually I fish other lakes or bum a ride to boat a river somewhere.

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