Grand lake fishing

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  1. Pittscat90

    Pittscat90 New Member

    If anyone fishes Grand I was wondering do you good fishing from a dock and if so what kinda bait do you do the best on.
  2. okiecop

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    Grove, OK
    I fish and live on grand but i have never tried to fish for cats off of a dock. I would think that shad either live or cut would work pretty well. This time of the year you may also want to try chicken or turkey livers. Hope this helps you out a bit.

  3. jugginman

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    Owasso, Oklahoma
    I fish with a guy up there who fishes off his dock all of the time. I think the biggest thing about it is having enough water where you are fishing. Usually right off the front of the dock, it is no different than fishing from a boat. You are only limited in not being able to move locations. The largest my friend has caught off his dock was 37 pounds. I used to fish on hudson and gibson off of docks, caught quite a few fish, usually at night.