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    put first name
    Just wondering how many we have here that fish Grand Lake in Okla. and surronding area's.And have you had any luck ? Where are you finding the fish with the lake so low? Thanks and good luck. Shue
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    Hello david,and welcome to the BOC,Me and my wife usually fish the bernice bridge area,or elk river east of the 10 bridge by the smoke shop..
    I dont have a boat so it is tought going sometimes for me.
    Bernice bridge area is where I caught the blue in my avatar the last week of july,and my wife caught a small flathead and a nice blue recently at honey creek bridge.
    Thge fishing for me has been a bit slow from the bank and the website you may want to check out if you havent already is here: It has dock reports,fishing reports,and other misc info..very good reading.
    I use circle hooks with cut bait usually,and have pretty good luck whenever I go.minimum of 1 at least 3-5 pounds,and sometimes 10 or so running the same size.
    I will be going probably in the morning here by the house on the elk river,it is within walking distance and see whats going on after the rain we got fri.night sat. morning....
    Do you have any areas which you fish here on grand?I am always looking for ather areas to check out.
    They say the BIG blues will be biting in NOV.If you go to the above site,it has an actual calendar and tells you when each species is biting and which month..very good...
    Peace and Plenty,