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  1. Fish Bait

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    South Carolina
    Does anyone use handheld GPS units.
  2. plainsman

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    I got one a couple years ago, its got electronic compas, elevation and tells me how far i've gone, how fast, average speed, moving time, stopped time, etc. I use it to mark places in the woods that i might want to come back to, that way I can tell how far away they are, cause depending on where I'm standing it can seem like i'm somewhere else, and coming from different directions. nice thing about em is being able to tell how far I am from the points, like if I gotta use a certain route outa the woods, avoiding the cedar swamps. My speedometer in my truck freezes up or locks up sometimes, usually when the temp is droppin, so I use it as a speedometer traveling cross country or on long trips in light traffic. Its a nice toy, sometimes I think its more hassle than its worth. It has its usess, I'm still learning about all the things I can do with it.

  3. olefin

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    I bought a Lowrance hand model since I have a Lowrance in my boat and they use the same software. I was planning on using it in the vehicles but it was useless... had to sit on the dash to get the satellites and then you couldn't see the screen. Would have been ok for hunting.
    Since then, I got a $70 Delorme for my laptop, works great... and enjoy the big screen.
  4. irishangler

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    I have a Garmin, the very basic unit that shows only positioning, and I like it. I use it mostly to mark tree stands and other key spots for deer hunting. I live in SW VA and most of my hunting is in dense National Forest land and every now and then I'll get into some really thick trees that interfere with satellite reception, but this is rare. It usually takes a combination of dense woods and heavy cloud cover to really mess up a signal. I'm thinking of upgrading to the newer models that download topographic mapping. I'd appreciate hearing from anybody using one of these about how happy you are with it.

  5. whisker maniac

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    I just got one of the new Bushnell Onix200cr's and I love it. You can downlown topo maps onto it or satalite images and you can layer the screens so you can operate your compass or navigation and way pts right on the pics and maps. You also can load up all that you put into it into your computer and save it, edit your info, add waypts or pts of interests, etc. They come in handy if you have to track a deer a long ways and you loose your blood trail. You just mark the last blood spot on your gps as a way pt and when you go to circling looking for more blood you can always come back to the last site you marked and start over if you have to. If your scouting and you find a place that is deep in the woods and you don't know if you can find it again you can mark it on your gps and it will bring you right back to it. Same things goes for fishin. You need to pinpoint a particular hole on the lake you fish it will bring you right back to it. GPS's are a great tool. I haven't had mine long but I use it alot and I'm sure alot of the other members on here can tell you other ways that their GPS's have helped them.
  6. slowboat

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    I have a Lowrance H20 hand held that I use on lakes at night so I can find my way around without getting lost in fog etc. I think it works real good and has helped find my way back to a dock. I fish mostly at night
  7. Believer

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    Greenwood, AR.
    I have used Magellan and Garmin GPS units. But you can not beat a Garmin. Their units are great & so is their customer service. I have had a couple of problems in the past and they took care of me. One unit was even a full year out of warranty and they still replaced it free!
    They have many different units in varying price ranges, everything from just a basic, low cost unit to receivers with all the bells and whistles. I have a GPSMAP60CS and love it.
    Check out this link for info on handhelds & then check e-bay because the prices there will be lower than on Garmin's site

  8. brakeless1

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    Louisville, Ky.
    Garmin legend cx, 2 gig micro sd memory card with all of city navigator 2008 mapping software on it and about 20 percent of card still free to save waypoint's and such. cell phone sized and I love it.