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    I'm in the market for a gps. I've had my eye on the garmin Vista or Legend. I can't decide if I need color or not. I also can't decide whether I need the barometric altimeter and digital compass. Any suggestions from the BOC members.
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    Make up your mind!!!!:big_smile::lol:

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    i have several one of the features i got was the ability to screen scroll, the color one is a definate plus. all the others features are nice and worth having, what i would do is look at if it can be upgraded and have a removable memory card. do not be price driven do your homework and play with them first.
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    You don't need a barometric altimeter; you have a GPS that can get a 3D fix to within 50 or 100 ft. That's plenty accurate.

    Besides, the pressure altimeter is only useful if you have a nearby reference (such as the ATIS report from an airport) for obtaining the current sea level pressure - without a reference, you don't know the true altitude and all the altimeter tells you is whether you're going up or down.
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    Micah I was in the market for a GPS last year and spent a huge amount of time shopping for one that would meet my needs and be in my somewhat liberal budget. What I ended up getting was a Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx. For under $500 I believe it is as good as they come. It is waterproof and even floats. Color, digital compass,barometric altimeter, removeable upgradable SD card and many other features. The best thing I like about this unit is it's ability to find satellites in the heaviest cover. Since I got mine I have found out that it will even find satellites in my house. Not many if any GPS units can make that claim. You can find a ton of info from the web on most any of the units available. One more thing that I will mention is price. If you search the internet there is a variance in price by as much as 30% for the exact same product. Example; Cabela's offered the 76CSx for $549, Bass pro had it for $479. I found it on the internet for $399.
    A word to the wise would be to continue what you are doing and shop 'till you drop.
    Hope this helps

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    First of all, I installed a new locator on my boat without GPS. I was thinking I didn't need it..... well, I was wrong. So instead of spending another $500, to get another unit, I just bought a handheld instead. It's a Lowrance i-finder Explorer. It's not color, but i'm not really a color fan anyway. It is waterproof, has the barometric altimeter, compass, and an SD slot for map upgrades. I like it alot, but the only downfall is it is a little bit larger than the garmins. It's fairly simple to use, and if you have any experience at all with Lowrance GPS sonars, it works pretty much the same. I think I paid around $200 for it at Bass Pro.
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    Well i have a Bottomline 5300 sonar/gps unit that does it all and the gps is soo acurate its unbelievable! I bought this unit on ebay for 500 bucks and can sell it for even more but i am keeping it for my personal use because now that i have learned all the features on it i almost feel like i am swiming me bottomline units are one of the best on the market and although pricey, they can do soo much...Ck one out before ya buy a unit and i think you will be suprized what they do...i am putting a pic of my unit here for you to ck out.

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