GPS tracking on work phones

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by FS Driver, Aug 24, 2007.

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    well today the owners son comes in the house most of us were at and
    proceeded to tell a carpenter that heres his new phone it has a gps
    moniter in it and he could track him anywhere he went so no more takeing
    hour long lunches , or going over to girlfriends houses dureing the day , or
    doing side jobs on the clock i'll be able to tell when you get to work and when you leave ETC. ETC. .
    then he turns to me and says dont worry your getting one monday ,
    then turns towards but not faceing the other guys and names off two more names that were due to get one of these.
    now for the kicker...... this guys own personal behavior is so much out of line and cost his own dads company untold thousands of dollars annually due to
    negligence , and corrupt activity that its hard to fathom being the victem of
    scrutiny by a pompus fool .
    i am considered a self employeed contractor , i pay my own taxes and am responsible for my own tools and truck. there is a thin line that these guys seem to dance on and this is getting closer and closer to infringment over that line.
    while i understand that a company has the need to control work productivity
    and that includes the work on time and staying 8 hours and not off running around town , i also see the problem with moral as this guys whole approach and blatant sarcastic allegations are a slap in the face .
    if i come in 10 minutes late i take a shorter lunch break , or stay a little longer . i also bring my tickets and paperwork home filling out and stapleing
    job sheets to turn in to the office in the comfort of my house instead of a truck cab. a steering wheel doesnt make a desk very good and who wants to sit in a smothering hot truck with sweat rolling off your hands trying to fill out paperwork?
    will the gps track the hours i put in to fill out their paperwork on MY TIME ?
    i forsee some complaining and moaning before this is over , anyone else have this
    issue come up?
    i also see how this can be an invasion of privacy after hours .
    what would stop them from tracking someone then?
    to me that is stalking.
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    well i dont have this problem but i understand i am self employed and work at home as much as i do on the job. the way i c it is if the job is done on time i dont care where my guys r as long as they meet there time lines. i pay them buy the job not the hr. and further more the supers seem to screw off more then any of the crews do so they have no room to talk.

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    Darryl, 911 can track ya, and the Pentagon, and the moble service provider but Big Daddy's son is full of stink bait....& you can turn off the GPS feature of the phone if you want to. It's in the manual. I leave mine on for the 911 folks, case I have "the big one", like Fred Sanford....
    Don't let this punk get yer goat. Besides it's like the pee test, long as you aren't misbehaiving, it's a waste of their money.
    I worked for a big utility, ran a truck insured for 3 million.....They did put tracking devices on it for "Service & Integrity" dept.....I swapped mine out with the Manager of my Dept.......they knew someone was screwing with them, but couldn't prove who.....Last we heard of it. I had paperwork proving I was at a substation, when they said I was at 'Hooters". LOL
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    i worked for one of those big utilities before i retired and they had the gps on our trucks. it all depended on your supv. if they wanted to harrass you. when you had a good supv you ahd no problems. when you got and idiot you had to be careful of your breaks and where you were.. of course the good supv always had good production reports and the idiot was spending all his time trying to find out why production and service satisfaction was always below his objectives. you can't fight them heads up, but you can affect their bonus money. for a month get everyone to be on job all the time but not be able to get everything finished on time. you can find legitamate safty concerns and instead of fixing broken supplies wait for them to get new ones that are perfect.
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    Either you are an independent contractor or you are an employee.
    Supply your own phone and up your rates if you are a contractor.

    Who is covering the workman's comp?

    Sounds like this guy wants the best of both worlds without having to fork out the expenses of owning a business like employee with holdings.

    You could probally take this guy to the cleaners in several ways starting with the IRS.

    I've been a contractor and still have a license to contract. I've never had anyone tell me how long I could take for lunch or when I had to be at work or how long I had to work.
    I might be told when they were looking for inspections or a closing.

    Self employment is you being the boss and this owner's son being the customer.
    Otherwise you are an employee being taken to the cleaners at your own expense.
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    i think mark hit the nail on the head. either you are your own boss and it aint that jack's buisness, or he is your boss, if he is your boss you should be compensated for the overtime you put in. or at least moved to a salary position with some kind of benny's.

    we had a supervisor that got onto our crew 1 time for taking too long of breaks. it was about this time of year, hot muggy, we were clearing a right of way for the power co... yeah, his first and last mistake that day was telling a group of guys with chainsaws that they couldnt have anymore breaks that day. you just dont mess with workin' men when its hot. that is common sense... (as long as the job gets done)
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    Hmmm.... sounds like the boss' kid has an inferiority complex to me. If your owner's son has the type of personality problems that it sounds like he has, then you can either continue on with the situation you've got, or stick it to 'em. Mark has hit this one on the head, yet again. There's too much "exposure" for a company when they're too freakin' cheap to give people the title of REAL EMPLOYEES. If they don't want to take care of business the way it should be handled, then they're putting themselves at risk. Yeah I've seen those companies before as well. Work you on "salary" but only pay you for 39 hours, so you're not a full-time employee & they won't be responsible for giving you the same benefits as a full-timer... not paying your taxes the way they're supposed to... bosses who consider everybody "contractors" so that they can skimp on all different sorts of insurance, from workmans comp. to jobsite insurance.... you name it. Sad. If I were you, I'd just politely refuse the phone. You're a contractor, not an employee, so he can take that phone with GPS tracking capability and kindly stick it in his keyster. Tell him you've already got a cellphone & you pay for it yourself. If he insists, then take hte phone but never have it powered on. Or leave it at the jobsite all the time in a mess of tools. He just can't have it both ways with you guys. You're either independent contractors, or you're employees.

    I can tell you one thing, if this kid is gonna supervise people, he'd better learn how to treat them. If he doesn't, he's gonna have a long long row to hoe. If you treat people with respect, then you will be WAY ahead of the game as a boss. I'm 33 years old & I've been managing people since I got out of college. I can tell you from experience that it's too hard to get good help, to be treating folks like crap. It just doesn't make good sense. Besides all that, it speaks against it in the Bible even. The bible says you are to treat your employees with respect. I'll be good to people who work for me, to a fault. I give the guys the deer & hogs that I kill, give them coats & boots... whatever I need to do to help provide for them. They make decent money, but several of these guys just won't spend money on themselves. My guys can get days off whenever they want them. If I am the only one who will come in and fill in for them, then so be it. They bust their butts for me, and I'll do what I can for them. As long as I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of, I'm pretty darn easy.