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    I read an article on espn earlier about a bass tournament in Kentucky a few weeks ago. It got me thinking. Evidently, there was going to be another couple of smaller, amateur bass fishing tourneys on the same lake the following weekend. During the tournament, there were amateur anglers motoring up to the pros, marking the spots on their gps, and then motoring on about their merry way.

    I know this isn't illegal, but I wonder about the "what ifs" that this could bring up. Seriously, what if you were fishing and had someone slip in on you and swipe your spots, just so they could return at a later date and hit them? What if you were a professional guide, and had someone sniping your spots? What if you had worked hard to learn a lake for a tournament, or for your own business, and someone slipped in on you and simply by following you around for a while they knew your best spots? Whatever happened to the idea of earning things? I mean, I don't mind someone asking me where to catch some fish, because at least that leaves the option to me to share the info, or maybe not. But to intentionally utilize someone else's research and hard work to your advantage, to me this is just wrong.

    Let me end by telling you guys a story.... I was fishing with a catfish guide a few years ago & I asked him if he had ever had someone slip a gps unit along for the ride while on the boat. He sais GPS my a$#@!!!! He then told me a story about a "single" that he took fishing one day, who had all of his buddies follow along in their own boat and fish by them for the whole day. I said, well then why didn't you just give him back his money and put him on the other boat? He said he still felt like it was his duty to show his client a good time, even though he knew he was getting ripped off. Besides, he said there was absolutely nothing that he could legally do about it anyway.

    So, what do you guys think? Does anybody else feel this way, or am I just over-reacting?
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    I agree it sucks, but fact is the water is public, and like that guide said you cant do anything about it. Besides the fish might not be there next time anyway, then they are in the same place they started!!:wink::eek:oooh:jmo

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    Jerrod, in the winter time when I do a striper guide trip, I have had one to three boats follow me from my client pickup point to the location that I am going to fish. I don't mind it as long as they don't mess up my fishing pattern.

    As for catfish, people on the BOC and elsewhere just call me and I tell them where I caught them the day before and several days earlier. No skin off my nose, because they may or may not be there the next day.
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    Similar to bank fishing. Get a good hit or catch a few eaters and the whole bank starts easing down your way trying to get in the same hole. I used to start throwing my line over theirs and getting them all hung up, but I have grown a little. Now that I have been equipped differently for the cover and depths hunting the big ones, I don't worry about it, cause they just can not get there.:wink:
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    If I made my living that way I would be livid. If my client was in on it he/she would be in for a day of fishing the worst spots I knew.....LOL I think it sucks, but, what can you do? There is a lot more than just being in the same place...boat speed, lure, color choice, etc.... I've had boats piggy back me in small tourneys, but, they were outfished everytime.

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    Chances are if somebody is hard up enough to follow somebody around all day to find spots they wouldn't know how to fish them:big_smile:
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    it is an issue that happens . the waters are public and i feel for the guides out trying to earn a living and have people fishing there spots. i am not a catfish guide but i do guide for trout i have folks who like to bait fish and folks who want to fly fish . when i am on the river with or without a client i still try to help folks along the way and we fish as were doing it. i gave very serious thought to buying a charter boat buissiness in destin fla. 3 years ago.looked at financial reports . found a sea captain school looked it over 7 ways from sunday and the determining factor not to go into buissiness was the fact that it is a cut throat dog eat dog fight for good locations to fish on the gulf. the service i was looking at buying had over 400 gps spots in the log books to fish and one thing the guy told me over and over is sometimes you have to be willing to fight to keep your spot. they do rediculous things to each other out there there are many documented cases of heated battles over fishing territory where boats ram each other . small arms fire across bows . it's crazy. if i pull up and your on the spot i like to fish i am just going to ask you how it's going and what there biteing on and go my way.
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    How about hunting public land and have some guys that know you can find big bucks following you around? I've totally given up spots I've hunted for years because of guys creeping in closer and closer year after year. literally setting up stands within 30 yards of mine. Move and it happens again, and you find out it's one of the same guys. but, what do you do? I'ts immoral, and rude. but, it's not illegal.....
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    Me and a friend use to follow a salt water charter years ago. His dad had a 20 bayliner and we would anchor about 1/4 mile from him. not to close but not to far. We were also customers on his boat. He didnt mind as long as we were not to close. If not he let ya know from the flybridge with a rifle. :wink:
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    If I was the guide I think we have been skunked that day. Maybe not right but if it's your living you gotta protect it.
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    It's a pretty down right rude thing to do but with no laws in place to stop someone from doing it theres no way to stop it. I hope it doesn't get worse with people sniping others fishing holes like that.
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    I once fished with a crappie guide so I could learn where to fish. He welcome anyone to bring along their GPS. I didn't have a portable GPS but since I'm familiar with that part of the lake I had no problem going back to most of his brush piles. Then I marked them on my boat GPS. Now and then he would come by with clients while I was fishing and give a big wave. Been a few years, those brush piles have rotted or don't have the crappie like they once did.