GPS any one?

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    GPS anyone?

    I’m sure that some of you have one….. I’m not talking about one in your car/truck…. I believe most BOC folks can get there and back on the road. I’m talking about serious stuff here…. You wake up sometimes on a body of water and wonder how you got here, and where am I???? You see, I have fished the Sacramento Delta… some 1000 miles of levy’s that all look the same. I mean the north/south stuff is easy. Right? Thank God for the stars...... If you can see em. One place on the Colorado River near Needles Calif. Called Topock Marsh is 15 miles or so long, and mostly 2-3 or so feet deep…. There is some 9-12 foot water if you know where it is. Problem is…that the place is loaded with “tree stick ups”. “The best catfishing”. The locals have placed beer cans on the stick ups to mark the way ….. shine the light ahead and go to the next can in the dark. Its hard to remember all of the places that you have gone to. Especially the hard to get ones…. I mean its tough to get to some in the day light let alone in total darkness….. spend the bucks…. Xmas gift, or something, start with a hand held….. and then maybe get the big one. Its nice to mark a “trail” to where you are going……. The wife can easily get you back to the dock…… just follow the “bread crumbs”.

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    Rush Springs, OK
    I have a handheld Garmin that I can load topo maps into
    it for the areas you are traveling to.
    I bought one after riding some new trails and lost the shoe on my horse and took a couple hours to get back to camp if I had a GPS I would have seen where I was less than 1/4 mile from the trailer at one point.
    I have used it in Canada fishing, marked the spots where we picked up pike, used it elk hunting in CO. traveling into new spots and never getting turned around.
    A person should still carry a map and compass if the GPS breaks or you run the batteries down.

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    Buddy of mine is a sheriff and he uses one, he drives alot of back roads out by the mendota area. his is attached to his PDA an extra addon and its a very nice little screen and easy to see works great love to have one but just can't afford that one yet.