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  1. GotFish?

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    Greenville Illinois
    I've only been out on Bond lake about 4 times so far. Did Coffeen last year. Saturday we went out and I boated about a 12lb cat. The fight was great and I had forgotten how sweet a big cat fights.

    Anyhow question is ......anyone of you pull any really big cats out of Bond .....another fisherman told me 40+ wasn't unusual .....but he was about half drunk at the time.:big_smile:
  2. Dan the Fisherman

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    Ramsey, Illinois
    I have never fished the lake personally. I have seen pictures and read stories of 40 pound plus fish from Bond. Better known for it's channel cat though. I would guess if a person really targeted for the big cats, a bigger one lays waiting in those waters.

  3. fishnfwl

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    South Cent
    Bond has a great supply of channel cat, have not seen anything over 10# out of there myself, but have seen and caught solid fish several times, kind of like fishing over at van lake, I would think there should be some real nice cat in the lake just from age alone. Shrimp worked well for us at Bond, 10 plus fish over 5# is a great trip anytime I think. Not much pressure there either. Also going to be interesting how they tie in the new lake and what they fill it with down the road.