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Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by sambo, Nov 4, 2007.

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    I have caught some large cats here in the alabama river. all on trotlines or jugs but never on a rod and reel . not because of lack of effort either , I usually bait my trotlines with live brim and then go drift for a mile or two with several poles . I always catch fish on the trotline , but hardly ever catch anything on the rod and reel . I dont know what it is that im doing wrong but it is obviosly something . I can fish for 10 hours with four rods and not catch any fish over 2 pounds . But i can put out a trotline bait it and leave in about an hours time . With great results might i add . but i feel like im missing out on great fun by not catching those monster blue cats on the old stick and line. if anyone is familiar with the alabama river and wants to tell me where their fishin hole is it would help out . just joking but any pointers would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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    Before you even read my post, bear in mind that I have never caught a Blue Cat in my life. Since you are catching fish on your trot-lines, I would try to duplicate the set up (bait, depth, location, etc.) with your rod and reel. Not having a clue has never prevented me from expressing my opinion!!

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    Sambo, Yeppa has a point, you might wanna try to duplicate what you are doing with the lines. Vern.