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Discussion in 'LOCAL NORTH CAROLINA TALK' started by natethe great, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. natethe great

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    North carolina
    hey guys going to tillary this weekend and was wondering what to use and where to fish and the rigs yall use to catch the big boyz thanks till next time good fishing
  2. mhedrick

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    carolina rig cut shad fished in creek channels, drop-offs, points ect. Most fish seem to be coming from between Jacobs Creek (1mi S of bridge) and Mountain Creek (3 mi N of bridge). Last weekend I found a few fish near Wood Run subdivision near some drop-offs. I was in the area near the clubhouse (marina) about 30' of water.

    PM me if you would like the GPS#s, I'll get you i the ball park.

    Also, if you can get fresh shad bring them with you, otherwise, you might spend alot of time looking.

  3. razorback

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    Camp Lejeune, N.C.
    Well if you're catching anything you're doing better than we are here on the coast. Weather has all the fish confused and close mouthed. I've tried everything from night crawlers, chicken livers and even cheese filled hotdogs!
    Haven't landed a cat in 3 weeks, only thing I've caught are *#!@ Gar!