Got rid of the bad luck!!!

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by SSgt Fishslayer, May 4, 2007.

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    south carolina
    I went home last night and was pretty bummed out, had a crappy day at work, you know the scenario. My wife told me to go fishing (which doesnt happen) so before she could change her mind i was out the door. went to a little spot (not my favorite but there are fish there and its closer than most) set up 3 ods and went at it.............. and went at it some more................... and still more................... i couldnt get a bite to save my life. so i decided i was using the wrong bait. soe i tried to catch me some smaller gills. i caught gills alright but they were about as big as my hand, which may be fine for some of you , but i am 6ft4 and 225 lbs. my hands are pretty big. so i decided to try some cut bait. the next 2 gills i caught were throat hooked so i sacrificed them. they were pretty big so i cut them into strips and used strips on one rod and the heads on another. well i wiated for about another hour and i finally cught one. a little 2 lbs. flat head. i was stoked that my run of bad luck was over. i sat down and continues to try and catch some smaller gills and one rod doubled over and i snagged another. this one was a 9lbs flathead. i knew there were bigger fish there so i got all excited and rebaited and set back out. 10 minutes later another rod starts going crazy and this fish pulls 30 yards of drag out before i could get my hand on the rod. so i pcik it up and load up on the rod (using circle hooks and still not to experienced at it) and fought him for about 10 minutes before he decided he had enough and wrapped me up. i guess he wasnt hooked very wel cause as soon as he made it to the brush he shook his head and the hook came loose. he was a big boy to. and the sad part about all of this is our camera broke last weekend out at the river. i am just happy that the fish are biting again and that i can still catch em.
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    Nice fish! Congrats on getting rid of the bad luck...sounds like the day didn't turn out so bad after all.

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    i wish all my bad luck was that good.