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    well we went out again this morning. walked 4 miles back in on the canadian river. saw a whitetail doe that had been shot through the shoulder hobbling around at about 100 yards. watched her till she bedded down, then my buddy went to take care of her. he is coming up the riverbank towards her spot with the wind in his face, and out of nowhere a spike mule deer buck charges her then runs out to the riverbed 50 yards from my buddy. that deer had him dead to rights, he didn't feel comfortable shooting that far. well the mulie had enough and hauled butt into a cane flat and was gone. evidently he spooked the doe too. we sat still for a while and then i ate lunch and took a nap. below the bluff we were sitting on was a pool about 100 yards long, and it was full of carp sucking air. the deepest part of this pool is 5 feet deep, so i figured i would mess around for an hour before we started to walk back and hopefully put the stalk on some more deer. buddy shot one carp, i shot 6. it was a blast. i have never shot fish before, but it's definitely something i could do every day. we were using broadheads of course, so after i shot a fish it would bleed out pretty quick. anyhow we started the walk back, and there were vehicles everywhere on the river, playing around. i didn't even have an arrow knocked and wasnt trying to hide, i figured the deer would be pretty much spooked. about two miles from the truck we saw a whitetail doe and a button buck belly crawling through grass that was about a foot high. we instantly went into kill mode and started the stalk. we circled 200 yards around the deer to get the wind in our faces, and then the wind changed direction. we went ahead anyway, and i had my buddy get ahead since i had an opportunity last week. the button buck came out 30 yards ahead of him and stopped, looking the other way. my buddy shot about a foot low of him and spooked them both. they ran 50 yards and started the belly crawl thing again. i was shakin so hard because the wind was at our back, the sun was going down, and i was walking through cactus and broken dried sunflower stems. i was hunkered down walking and my back hurt so freakin bad from packing drinking water in, haha. i drew my bow and stood up and the doe was behind a bunch of grass laying down, but the button buck was standing staring straight at me at 40 yards. i have been practicing like crazy at this range and it's my max i feel comfortable with. i put my pin just a little high over his shoulder and let it go. even though i practice this shot several times daily, i couldn't believe i was watching my arrow speed towards him, then disappear into his vitals. he ran one way and the doe ran the other and my buddy asked if i hit him. i gave him the thumbs up, then went to where he was standing. there was no blood or hair, just the dished out sand where he started running. i didn't see my arrow either. the sun was already down, and the light was fading. i started getting nervous but took the trail i think the deer took. if you've ever hunted in sand you know it drinks liquid up with almost no trace. i found one spot of blood on a grass stem, then another. 25 yards away my deer was down, dead. the arrow pulverized his left lung and heart. it totally passed through, but i couldn't find it at all. just another button buck, but meat in the freezer, an awesome stalk and one hellatious shot, for me anyway. i am getting good at sneaking up on deer, hopefully i will get some more before rifle season starts! i don't have any pics, no film in the camera and too dark for the cell phone. oh well, i have it in my head. thanks for reading this!
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    Near Tulsa Oklahoma
    Thanks for shareing the story!

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    thats cool jordan,while im here waiting for the heatwave to end your out stalking and shooting deer i need to get off my ass get back out there.