Got on the Cape Fear River today

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    Mukwonago, Wisconsin
    man is the river low, launched at riverside and went upstream to the railroad tracks. the river is real low, u gotta watch out for the sandbar after the second bridge, its on the left extending outward, didn't get much fishin done, couldn't net any bait, so i started tossin a spoon in search for some big bluegill and only had one chase it, and then a bit later got a bite on it, but nothing in the boat... prolly goin to do a night trip there within the next 2 weeks, now that i have scoped that area out in the daylight and got to see the hazards. forgot to look at the water temp, but out in the middle right out from riverside the water was just short of 9 feet deep, got up to 11 to 12 feet deep up near the railroad tracks.
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    Hope you have better luck next time. I just found a spot on the little river just outside the manchester gate. Supposedly some guys were catchin 30+ lb flatties. I'm gonna try to check that out this weekend. If not I'll be at Andrews Church


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    Never leave home without a cup of worms or crickets and some small hooks... I can always find some bait with that!