Got my PB yesterday.... kinda:-)

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    Pec, Illinois
    Got skunked in the main part of the Pec river at Trask Bridge yesterday morning so I figured I'd go into the back water and see what's what. Had a chunk of sucker on a pre snelled 6/0 hook. (Forgot which brand but it had a yellow backing on it. Picked up 10 3 packs on ebay for under a buck. :) )

    Anywho, first cast out and I'm about to set my pole down when I notice the line is coming back in. I reel up the slack and set the hook. Ooh, this thing is a monster. Get it half way back in and then NOTHING. It got off my hook. Just wishing I would have seen it at that point. Re bait and toss it out again roughly in the same area. In under a minute the line starts coming back at me again and I set it again. And lose it halfway back again.:angry: Now I'm looking at these hooks like they are defective or something even though by looking at them they are right. So then I snell a Team Catfish Jackhammer and rebait it again. Also switched over to my Team Catfish 3/4 Ton/Abu combo with 40# on it cuz my plan was to set it HARD if it happened again.

    So, I cast out again in roughly the same area... And it starts coming back on me again. So I set it hard enough to bring a smaller fish straight up out of the water at me. The hook finds something and I start reeling it in. When I first saw it I was thinking wow, is that a huge cat with mud and sticks all over it's face? Then I realized it was a 20-25# snapping turtle with a Jackhammer sticking out of it's mouth.

    I would still like to think that the first two times were HUGE cats but since I never actually saw them I now think that turtle thought it was free feeding time and kept cleaning me out.:angry:

    The turtle was down a 6' bank so at first I just tried to jerk him off the line. When that didn't work I had to climb down the bank and just before I got to him my leader broke. (It was 14#)

    Sure wish he had been a fish...

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    Sounded like a turtle when you first started tossing in the same area an line goes back toward you. Sometimes they sure can be a nuiance that is for sure. Good luck fishing next trip out.

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    Yep they can be a pain but they are good eatin.