Got Long Hosed Today

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Doyle, May 9, 2006.

  1. Doyle

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    I went for a colonoscopy today and it wasn’t bad at all. I have had the short hose a couple times and said I would never do it again. My doctor talked me into the long hose procedure, they give an IV with it and you don’t remember getting it done. No pain, no discomfort, the best way to get it done. Checks more of your colon also. The only problem is not eating the day before:big_smile:
  2. tatersalad

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    Clover, SC
    Doyle, you had me scared with that title. Glad to hear that it went well, or at least comfortably!



    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Ain't they fun Doyle! LOL! I've had so many I asked the doc when he is gonna propose to me! LOL!
  4. copycat

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    New Jersey
    My father died of colon cancer, Colonoscopy is good to have done since they can cure this form of cancer when caught early. I recommend everyone go and get the "pipe", it may save your life! I have to go every 5 years and it is no big deal, just try and stay awake when they inject the milk in your arm (you wont)
  5. kspor

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    There is a new camera pill that is being used and could make both your above mentioned proceedures obsolete. You swallow a camera pill(size of jelly bean) and carry a pager like device. It snaps pictures on timed intervals and give a more complete picture of entire system. Check out the link if you want to know more
  6. jdstraka

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    Way to go doyle. Its sorta scarry till you get the outcome and every thing turns out OK. and your right the pipe is the way to go. Ill share a funny little story with you all. When I went in to get the hose job the doctor came in to ask the normal questions for pre. opperation procedure, and in the corse of the questions he ask me where I worked and I responded that I was in management at the local wal-mart. And then he went on to tell me that he and his wife dont shop at walmarts because some place back east they had built a super center on a Indian burial ground.And I ask him if he shoped at target stores because they had kicked the salvation army bell ringers off there property at christmas time, and he told me they diddent shop there either because of that. now boy im going have a little fun so I told him just between me and you it was probably a good idea that they dident shop at our local walmart here because we built it on the Biggest toxic waste dump in the whole U.S.A You should have seen his eyes lightup he had struck the jackpot!!!!!! He was just like reeling a big Flat sucked him right in. Well about two weeks later in our monday morning management meeting the store manager expressed some concern because a fue customers had ask him if the story they had heard about our store being built on a toxic wast dump was true. Boy I had one hell of a time keeping a straight face but I did. Bigcatman0816.
  7. IL Hunter

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    I have a history of colon cancer in my family. So I have a lot of family members that have that prodcedure done. Nobody complains too much about the procedure itself, but the day before stuff isn't very fun for anyone. It's a good thing to get done though. It can save a lot of lives.
  8. olefin

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    Doyle, it's good that you can have one. My cardiologist doesn't recommend me having a colonoscopy since I'm on coumadin. He feels there is more risk in stopping the coumadin than in cancer for me. (no colon cancer family member) I've had all the noninvasive testing. My wife has had a colonoscopy, she didn't care for the before prep but all went well.
  9. fish

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    Doyle, I had one last November and still haven't heard the results so I guess that is a good sign. I told the nurse before they did the procedure to please have the doctor write Judy a note for me. She asked what for and I told her to let Judy know he didn't find my head up there.hehehe I also told her I wasn't really wild about anyone looking up my ooooold aaaaaaaaddress.LOL
  10. squirtspop

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    Yeah, get em every three years. Last one in Feburary. Told the Doc he could be Captain Kirk and go where no man has ever gone before. He said that was a new one on him. LOL. Yep, the procedure could end up saving your life. If you are over 50 ya need to get one.
  11. redneckdrum

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    I always said I would NEVER get one of those exams,but turning the big 40,it's got me thinking lately.I reckon it beats the heck out of your friends and family making a circle around your casket.
  12. dwreel

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    Southern Pines, NC
    Man, you had me squirmin when you said,"long hose and colon in the same breath.