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Discussion in 'Boating' started by catfisherman369, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. catfisherman369

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    Drove 2 hours one way today to get that 18 ft. jon for 475.00 with trailer . I was shocked at how wide it was , almost 6 ft. Turns out I got it for 425.00 it is in need of a paint job and some work . Anyone got any ideas how to get the paint off it ? I was thinking a wire wheel .
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  2. snakeman76

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    Those make good cat boats i got one kinda like it but mine is 14 ft but cool deal:wink::cool2:

  3. Iowa_Josh

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    That looks much better than I would have hoped. I'd look into some stripper. There are some nicer ones on the market than there used to be.
  4. Dsage

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    I'll give you $500 for it. :roll_eyes:

    That is going to make a great set up for you. As for the paint this is what I did, I kicked on my power washer and hit it real good and focusing on the bad spots real well. If you have a power washer use a real agressive head. I then took a foam sanding block to the areas that had paint peeling and feathered the edges till the paint no longer flaked and it was feathered in good. I then mixed up a bacth of self etching primer and painted the boat, that was followed up with the color coat.
  5. APD1146

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    I just hosed mine down with a garden hose scrubbed with a stiff brush and washed again. Let it dry and sprayed the thing which was green, with white spray paint. 10 years later it is still holding.
    By the way a really great buy. Good luck to use with it.