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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Doyle, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Doyle

    Doyle New Member

    I know that I am getting old when I look through the fish catalogs and can't find anything I need or want. How about you, what is it you really need?:confused2:

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I have reached the point where all I need is terminal tackle from time to time. Its not easy resisitin the urge but I stay strong. LOL! I'm happy with the gear I have. It works and performs when I need it. Its a great feelin. LOL!

  3. BKS72

    BKS72 New Member

    East of KC
    I'm in pretty good shape on gear, like you guys I'm hard pressed to say I honestly "need" something. Since I've been travelling to CA so much though I'm really getting tempted by some of the beautiful saltwater rods and reels I've seen out there. I suppose I could make a case for needing a couple of 7000's since I want to fish a lot more channel/heavy current spots this summer, but it's iffy:smile2:

    I've actually even got most of the things I needed for my boat project. My fuel tank should ship tomorrow and my new switch/breaker panel came in Friday.

    Now tools on the other hand, I need LOTS more tools......:smile2:
  4. oh no

    oh no New Member

    I really don't need anything. I just picked up some more hooks, from Captain Hooks, going to try some circles. They have them cheaper online. Other than that it's just junk. After that darn surgery in November, I have spent a fortune on extra rods and reels off of Ebay, that I really don't need. I probably have enough to equip a Boy Scout Troop. lol

    Boredom can cause a person to shop on Ebay. lol

    I'm ready for some decent weather to get out and go fishing. Went to a new Cabellas store last weekend to buy a rod to connect my kicker motor to my regular motor. Part only cost 26 bucks, but I still spent 101 before I got out of there. Picked up a nice heavy 8' spinning rod. Camping chairs and a gas regulator and hose for a propane heater. I never made it upstairs to where they had the guns and such, or I might have spent more. I need to start doing and quit spending. lol

  5. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    I agree with Big George on this one. The boredom of cabin fever sometimes causes one to buy items he does not need. My well chosen gear works great .The reason some fisherman continues to buy is because they never gain confidence in what they already have.
  6. ArmyCatfish

    ArmyCatfish New Member

    seeing as im broke and that the army dont pay anything i need rods i dont have any heavy ones i need reals i dont have anythat will hold better than 30lb test i need teminal tackle. i need a boat which im buying soon. i need an anchor. i need alot more