Got any "lifelong" friends?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by jlingle, Aug 15, 2007.

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    Altus, Okl
    I was extremely fortunate. Many of the guys that I was good friends with in high school are still around, and we're still close. A couple of these friends are part of a group we called "the guys." We were a lot of fun, we fished together, played driveway basketball nearly everyday during the summer, and just generally had a great time. We were fiercely loyal to each other & still probably would be. If a member of the "the guys" did something to irritate or somehow turned his back on us, he was fair game. Getting his house toiled papered was the least of his worries. We'd play a game with him called "Lights Out". WOOD18 could tell you about that one, we'd invite the offender over & explain the situation to him & how he had gone wrong, then flip off the lights off & we'd lock up and make 'em remember not to do it again. We were all best friends, but we'd beat the sap out of each other occasionally. I had it done to me a few times too. We never really hurt anybody, just a few pop-knots. Then we'd all go outside & play catch or do something else silly.

    1 of these guys is now my fishing buddy, numero uno WOOD18. We talk to each other nearly everyday. Another one of the guys is a coworker. We see each other nearly everyday. We still get on each other's nerves occasionally, but since he's now about 340 lbs:eek:oooh: we let it slide. Some of the other fellas have gone on to bigger & better things & we've lost touch, but 3 of my childhood friends are still very close to me.

    Has anybody else been blessed like this?
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    i do believe i am blessed like this. i get choked up and my eyes water up knowing that i have true friends that care no matter what.
    and if you are wondering why i am typing in lower case it is because i have been told twice that people think i am yelling at them when i type in caps.

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    I have some lifelong acquaintances...:roll_eyes:
    No individual raindrop ever considers itself responsible for the flood.
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    Jerrod, yes, you are very fortunate! That is really something!

    We moved to another state when I was in the 8th grade so I lost contact with the kids that I grew up with. Then in 3 years I went in the service. A few years back I was invited to their 50th high school class reunion. That really meant a lot to me seeing all those I hadn't seen in 54 years. It was good talking about old times but afterwards we've had no contact.
    I don't have many friends that go back 30 years or so other than a guy I worked with. A close friend died a few years back.

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    All the ones I hung out with are either dead or in prison. Good thing I went in the service or I may have been on that list.
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    we moved to knox city everybody did not want us to move just could not do without us. it is 73 miles to here you know not a soul has come to see us. so they dont miss us verry much or they would come. just a thought. thanks sam davis iam going to find some one to fish with.
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    I had one until last October. Chuck passed away then. He may be gone but not forgotten and is always with me when I go fishing!!! :sad2::wink:
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    I too have been blessed in this area....Let me first give a shout-out to my bff Gina aka SouthernComfort. She and I met in 3rd grade, we have had our share of ups and downs, arguments and tears, joys and sorrows, births and deaths, double-dates, marriages and divorces. Thru it all we have remained as close as sisters can be. Her kids call me Mama and mine think of her in the same way. We have been there for each other for 30 yrs and never once have I regretted it. I thank God every day I have her in my life (even though she thinks I stay online wayyyy too much). LOL.
    Hope you are havin a great day sis and I love ya. :tounge_out:
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    im a younger version of dayton

    i moved in 8th grade- then after hs i joined the service. by the time i finished my enlistment i really didnt want to go home. so i just moved "close" to home. about a year after moving back one of my runnin buddies from high school saw me and we started fishin together some. but other than that i just dont have the same interests or perspectives anymore.

    however 2 of the guys i served with have moved down here to south al. one is from cali- one from penn. we are thick as thieves, much to the wives discontent.