Got a small surprise out of a channel cat this weekend.

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    So I was out fishing for channels this weekend and was using some shad I netted earlier in the day. I caught a bunch of little shad 2" or so long and they were working great for channels but we kept having little fish grab the bait. I had about a 6" very healthy looking shad still alive and I was tired of the little fish so I threw it on live hoping for a bigger cat! I should have guessed but wouldn't you know the smallest fish of the day came from the biggest bait. The channel that took that 6" shad was no longer then 9" and I can't figure out how it even got the shad in it's mouth. It couldn't have even weighed a pound, I was shocked. I can't even figure out how it manged to get the shad in it's mouth I swear it was wider then the channels mouth would open. I did manage to get a 4-5# channel and a couple smaller ones on the trip. I had one really big run on a live bluegill I set the hook and the hook went right back in to the bluegill, pulled it in and that bluegill took serious damage and had no scales left on the tale. I guess I will get that one next time!
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    yeah, i know what ur saying about having one good shad and catching a tiny fish on it.

    Couple yrs ago i was fishing on Lake Limestone. This lake has really good blues and alot of white bass and yellow bass in it. I put a good 6" live shad out there and freelined it in about 4' of water. I set the rod in the holder and went to cast some of my other rods. I looked back and it was dancin really hard. I picked it up and set and reeled it in. It had a 4" yellow bass on it. The bass did not eat the shad, but i think he was "pickin" at it when i set the hook and got him.