Got a new rod and reel

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by richard dunbar, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. richard dunbar

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    I went to wally world with the wife to get some new speakers for the cp. My wife made the mistake of walkin by the sporting goods. I told her i'm just gonna check out a couple of things and would catch up to her. Well the store is in the middle of remodling so they have alot of stuff that they marked down just to get rid of it. So i'm lookin around at the rods and reels. Now keep in mind I'm a firm believer in theres no such thing as cheap or bad gear. If you know how to set your drag you dont have to buy expensive stuff. I came accross a shakespear tidewater combo w/30L reel. The original prce was 59.99 marked down to 45.99 marked down again to 35.00. Its a 7' heavy action rod with a fairly flexable tip and a level wind reel, the last one they had. I could'nt resist. I snatched it up and went to talk to mama. She saw me comin and immediatley said no way, you have tooo many rods as it is. But she is a understanding wife and when I showed her the orig. price and what the cost was now she gave in and let me get it. So now I just have to wait for the bite to pick up or for someone with a boat where I live to say lets go and I can give it a whirl. I still cant believe I found that deal
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    yup even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again. congrats on the new gear hope it brings you some good luck this coming season

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    I think your wife might know mine.. lol "Nope, You already have too many as it is, buddy... Put it back!"... :wink:
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    Good Fishing with the new combo!
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    hey richard you should have come across the river to jesup it sales for 30 dollars when it is not on sale. never the less it is a strong reel i have had a couple of them and they are great reels. caught sevaral smaller sharks on them that were six and seven feet with no problems. dont by the tidewater 50 the gears in it are very weak. mine lock up tight while i was reeling in a small stingray
  6. Mickey

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    Understanding Wife, Good Find, Good Price and you took it all home with you. Richard you had a great day. Good Luck and be prepared to understand the new pair of shoes and purse to match that your wife will soon buy. Now explain the bargin.:waaaht: :sweat: :that_hurt: :cross: :cross: :cross: