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Got a big skunk on the Chick last night!!!

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Made a last minute decision to try out the chickahominy instead of the James last night and set out for the brickyard area. As I was launching about a dozen boats all rigged up for cats blew by headed down river. It appeared a tournament had just let their boats go.

After launching I headed on down toward the hole I was planning to fish - wouldn't you know it but half those tournament boats that blew by were sitting on the hole!! What a drag!

I managed to stake out a small piece of water and get set up - for a long slow night. Not one bite!! The current was RIPPING and it was carrying one heck of a load of grass with it. Every 10 minutes I had to reel in and clean a 2 lb ball off of my bait.

Couldn't justify staying past midnight so I packed it in and headed home. Should've fished the James!!

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Hey Scott!,

Glad to see you around again. Since the outing you took me on there on the Chick I've been obsessed with the place. I've done as you suggested and scouted bank locations around the WMA on foot -- to minimal success. However, I've begun fishing there on the public dock before the big bridge at night and have been having some fun there.

I've taken alot of the suggestions you've given me and the things I learned from you just from that one night and have been putting them to good use.

Now use Gamakatsu circles, and I've taught myself to snell them on my own. Using Carolina-type rigging almost exclusively now to good success there and on Stumpy.

I've caught a few decent fish from the dock there on the Chick -- nothing too big yet (7 lb Gar, 3,4,5,6 lb cats), but I've met and observed this other dude there -- British guy named Andy -- who every time I see him has been pulling in 15 - 18 lb cats out of there from the dock using pretty insane surf casting gear and huge weights, so I've been gearing up in that fashion, too. Biggest he's caught off the dock has been about 35#.

Last couple of times I've been almost skunked -- only been catching little critters off of fresh shadlings, eels, whatever.

Nevertheless, thanks for turning me on to the place -- it's well worth the trip to have a chance at "winning the lottery", so to speak.

Lemme know if you'd like a partner out there again some night (cast better now, and I don't tangle stuff up so bad ; ) ).

Kevin N. Kaskey
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Kevin, I'm glad things are working out for you. I suspect "Andy" is probably using that surf tackle to reach the channel or close to it.

I've been out of town on business a lot lately. In fact I'll be gone for the next three weeks with just the weekends at home.

I'll let you know when I can get free on a friday.

Right on, Scott.

Oh, Andy definitely reached the channel all right -- never seen a person cast so far before! Very practiced with his gear.

I know about work mixing things up. My schedule is now pretty weird -- I do the nightfly here on the weekends: Fri, Sat and Sun nights from 4pm to 7am. It's nice because I get 40 hours in 3 days (two 13's and a 14) and have the whole week off to do what I want (like fish!), but I don't get weekend nights off like reg'lar folk do.

Maybe if you get a weekday night / next day combo off we could go on out there again.

Lemme know,

Kevin N. Kaskey
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