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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Mac-b, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    The purpose of this thread will be to let the BOC membership, your brothers and sisters, know what you plan to do today or tomorrow.

    I will kick it off. This morning I have to make a garbage run, then go to Gander Mtn. and take care of some tournament business. Then, if I'm lucky, I am going to drift around for some cats in the afternoon. I, just like Sir John, will have to fix supper for the better 3/4's. Later in the week I am going to join up with WylieCat and fish Mtn. Island or Lake Wylie for some cats. Tuff life, but somebody has to do it!

    PS, 33 days before I go to the James River and fish with the World Famous Capt. Hughs for two days.
  2. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    Mornin to you,Mac.Got a kitchen/utility room to tile today,then come home and do a bit of sheetrockin and insulatin on my own home. after that its beer an BOD till supper ,dont know who's cookin tonite :big_smile:

  3. Reel_Blues

    Reel_Blues New Member

    Well unfortunatly i just got off work at 6am from a 12 hour shift. I will be going to bed soon then back to work for another 12 hour shift.:sad2:
  4. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    G' morning Mac

    Today is gonna be slow for me. I'm prolly gonna be sticking around the house for the most part. Wednesday I see a surgeon, once again I'm freaking out because I'm gonna end up having one or both hips replaced : (

    So basically I'm trying my best to keep my chin up and the bad thoughts out of my head. So with that in mind I'm gonna slow cook something, prolly pork butt and veggies in the crock pot ; ) I also wanna do some on-line pricing for some tackle, tax $$ might be here next week" yay ". I've also gotta clean my Jeep ( tackle box ) out for the wife, I have to take the van to Simpsonville Hospital Weds so she has to use my truck.

    I fished last Thursday and it took me until today to be able to walk without extreme pain and I should be out on the water Tuesday, maybe Hartwell again, not sure.

    So there you have it, just another day in JimmyJonnyville ; )

  5. Ghost River

    Ghost River New Member

    Goodmorning Mac, I'm probably going to hang around a little bit and see if I ruffled any feathers with my thread on the Wolfmans Nascar forum (hey, that's half the fun of being a nascar fan) then I'll go perform my duties that I actually get payed to do. Sometime around lunch I'm goign to finish building wood duck nesting boxes to put out next weekend. And tonight I'll hang out with my kids while my better 3/4 goes to work. Have a great day Mac.
  6. jdstraka

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Man Mac,What A Life!!!! Congrat's to You Sir.I have to go do that WORK thing for the Next 7 Days,Lucky Me right? J.D.:smile2:
  7. kat in the hat

    kat in the hat New Member

    Not much on my agenda today. Gotta go to some slicin' and dicin'. Afterwards, it has been decided that I am gonna cook supper. Pork tenderloins, and I don't know what else. We're in for a winter storm that will be fun.
  8. Dave L

    Dave L New Member

    My day will be mostly drawings on the puter and getting bids out. With the occassional go see what is going on with the BOC family.:smile2: I guess self employment has its merits.
    Snow supposed to happen hear today also, so just another day dreaming about being on the river.:sad2:
  9. SSgt Fishslayer

    SSgt Fishslayer New Member

    south carolina
    Good Morning Ladies and Gents of the Outdoors. I am actually sitting on Duty right now, waiting to get off so that i can actually go get some sleep. have been on it since 0700 Sunday, but it comes with the territory i guess. Today i have to go home, take a shower and change over into civilian attire (actual term)and go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get the registration for the car we picked up on saturday. i will post picks of it on here later today, as well as an update on the "Discussion with my wife" thread. after that i get to change back into Cammies and then go and give a class on a piece of equipment that we use to assist us in the assmebly of ordnance (aka bombs) and then i get to go home and relax, finally able to go to bed at around 2200 tonight. got to love those 36+ hour days.........:tire:
  10. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    Sgt., I and the rest of us will sleep better in the days ahead, knowing that brothers like you and others are training the mush heads that you get, in the fine art of warfare. Appreciate you very much and what you do. Mac (USN 56-60)
  11. jim

    jim New Member

    Jacksonville NC
    Well Mac I am sitting here surrounded by Marines training for war.I can hear the guns going off right here in my office.I am also basking in the Glow Of the BUD SHOOTOUT results as Hendricks newest member showed his stuff and won.Actually I am sitting here contemplating that Thurs is Valentines day which should result in dozens off appreciative woman showering me with gifts for making them so happy in the past.:big_smile::smile2::wink:Hope they all dont show up at once which could be embarassing if not downright lethal!!!!!Dont know what I would do with a red thong with cupids on it anyway.Might be able to hand it off to Big George!!!!:big_smile::smile2:
  12. Dano

    Dano New Member

    Good morning America how are ya.
    I got to do the same, make a garbage , (wal mart) run. LOL.
    Really , I'm going to the dump, got a few trash bags to haul off. Wife gave me instructions not to bring anything back. That takes all the fun out of it. O well, I got my shovel in case I run across some road kill. Then I will post whats for supper. :roll_eyes:
    Wife will be leaving in a little while to bring the bacon home, I think she calls it paying bills.
    It's going to be clear, no wind, bout 70 today, rain coming tonight. I got grandson duty today, just me and him all day. Me an him will swing by the lake after the dump. No fishing , I got a check on a couple things and going to take him to lake for the first time so he can have a look see at water and bank he will be fishing on this summer. we will check out spillway and some trails. He is not quite walking yet, love's outside and if I sit
    him down. I swear he can crawl 5mph so I'll have to keep close eye on him. I just wish it was swimming weather, its time he got his feet wet. :wink:

    He will be swimming and bream fishing a little this summer, ( July ) right about the time his brother or sister is born. :cool2:
    By the time wife gets home, I'm sure Me and grandson will be nice and dirty , all smiles and ready for clean up. Heck someone has to break him in, guess that be me. :big_smile:
    Its the diaper thing I am afraid of.:eek:oooh: LOL.

    Thats my day.


    My days are pretty much the same, get up have 2 cups of coffee, fix breakfast for George and work on my puzzle, George is already fixin, himself a snack by this time he wants his lunch and while he eats that I work on my puzzle and then he is ready for another snack and while he eats I work on my puzzle and by that time it is time to start dinner, Oh forget to mention cleaning house, doing laundry and trying to remember my name and what day fo the week it is lol

    Growing old is so much fun.
  14. Mac-b

    Mac-b Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    North Caro
    Ms Sharon, how big a puzzle are you working on?
  15. baitchunker

    baitchunker New Member

    plans for tomm.

    wake up as prego wife climbs over me to use bathroom.
    wake up again as prego wife comes back.
    wake up again as she is hungry.
    repeat untill alarm clock goes off.
    take shower-drink coffee-leave for work.
    clean basket strainers in suction-pressure-and mix pumps.
    calculate solution strength of borate tank.
    put out random fires and do paperwork.
    go home-buy ciggs and beer at store.
    begin tearing down old boatshed (too small-boat wont fit)
    cuss hysterically at newly aquired wounds (crushing or puncturing yet to be determined)
    go inside take shower-eat-drink more.
    watch i luv lucy re-runs and fall asleep in my chair.
    go to bed and begin process over with few variants.

    its not that i am jealous of your fihing lifestyle mac...

    its just that i am jealous.
  16. wylie catter

    wylie catter Member

    South Carolina
    Well I just finished 11 hours on the concrete floor in a smokey plant. My feet and knees hurt and I'm about to leave. I'm going to look at an old ford truck I might buy and then I'm going home. I'll let the kids jump on me until they go to bed. Then I need to hook to my boat and pull it in my shop. It's supposed to rain tomorrow.
  17. olefin

    olefin New Member

    Well, it's not morning now but this is how my day went.

    Up at about 9AM, usually up at 8 but was up late last night watching a movie on HDTV.
    Spent some time online reading the news and BOC.
    10AM Breakfast of buttered toast, peach preserves and black coffee.
    More BOC and later went for my 3 mile daily walk.
    Showered, dropped by the doctor office to donate my monthly blood sample.
    Then to Coltons Steak House, didn't eat a steak but had a mesquite grilled chicken salad. :eek:oooh:
    Next to office Depot to pick up an Acer 24 inch LCD monitor... they had it on with $50 rebate. I thought about a a high dollar Dell but for $350 I thought I couldn't go wrong with an Acer for I think the picture looked as good as the rest.
    Took me an hour or so to change out my old Dell 21 inch CRT and get the LCD setup the way I like... but I'm still having to turn the brightness down. That old CRT is HEAVY. I know when we got it back in 01 the UPS driver said it was the heaviest monitor he had ever delivered.
    Now back to BOC. :big_smile:
  18. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    I guess I'm the early riser today, howdy folks. Would have been here earlier, but I had to make a stop in NC, SC and VA. WylieCat in the NC section had a good day on Lake Wylie, he caught 22 channel cats. The VA section had news about Shawn getting ready to go to the James River and fish with the world famous Capt. Hughs. Barb and her hubbie appear to be heading up that way a week or so after Shawn to fish with Capt. Hughs.

    All night long and part of yesterday I worried about poor old j.d. and his bedroom problems (not the kind you may be thinking), his wife is pregant and she has to get up several times a night to go to the pottie and she has to crawl over j.d. to get to the other side of the bed to get to the bathroom.

    I have had two days rest after my tournament on Saturday, so today I hit the waters to find me a trophy cat on Lake Norman. When I did a guide trip this past Friday, I cruised over an area and thought I marked some good stuff on the bottom close to a public boat ramp. Well, last night a striper bud called and was telling me about his second place finish in a striper tournament on Sunday. He asked what was on my agenda for today. Told him about marking those nice fish on the bottom and he informed me why they were there. Another striper guide cleans his fish there at the ramp and throws the carasses into that area. Wow, what a find!

    Yesterday, I smoked some pork ribs and then wrapped them up in alum. foil with bar-b-cue sauce on them for another hours cooking. Bones came right out of the meat with a slight pull, Dang, they were good. I received orders from the better 3/4's that I did not need to cook tonight, mustgo's for supper she says.

    As we say down this way, you'll have a nice one, you hear. Mac
  19. rspd507

    rspd507 New Member

    Rising Sun,IN
    Well today ill soon be going to bed due to keeping the same hours as when I work. This afternoon ill get up and head to Indianapolis for some State mandate training for the next 3 days. Ill be home friday and hopefully this weekend the weather will break and ill hit the water.