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    For all the brothers out there with boats tired of searching for maps, looking for fishing spots, or just wanting to explore. i found a great tool you can download free. it's google earth. basically it's access to our satellites. after you download it and start it, it shows you a picture of the earth from outter space. put in an address, or just a town. click go, and it'll zoom in right down to the street lights and the cars on the roads. not to mention barges, and boats on rivers you're wanting to fish. click up down and right, and left arrows. and it'll travel as you wish. it'll point out parks, attractions, boundries. whatever you select. zoom in on clean bodies of water, and you can see some bottom structure also. if a picture is worth a thousand words. this tool is worth a mint! i attached a snapshot i just took of Austin Texas. check it out!

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    Yep, I've got all my fishin' spots marked on google earth. It is pretty cool. I use the free version too, but there is an updated version that you have to pay for. I haven't seen it yet because I'm too cheap. I've noticed that some of the images are at least 10 years old, so some things may have changed, but it's still very useful.
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    Hell yeah, I found Google earth last yr, and immediately decided that was th way I was gonna look for new spots. I love it.