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Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by urrdone, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. urrdone

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    ok fellas, i grew up using old zebcos and recently in the past season or 2 have been trying to switch to spinning reels. problem is i get alot of backlash and birdnests. im using a 6' 6" rod with a shimano spin reel(one with a trigger on the bail). its my all around setup that i use for walleye, bluegill, carp, what have you. i feel kinda stupid because im not good at casting with it. i need a good limp line with little memory thats easy to cast, and maybe some tips on the best way to spool up the reel so as not to get line twist which seems to be another problem im having.
  2. CountryHart

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    Mike first off welcome to the best outdoors site on the net. As far as line goes, i've used p-line for years and really like it. When i spool up new line, i run a pencil thru the new spool and make somebody hold it so the line comes off the top. After i get it within a 1/16 inch of the top of the spool , i stop there. Also, i like to tie it to a mailbox of something and walk backwards till it all unwinds. Then hold tension and wind it back up. This stretching will help remove memory. Also if ya happen to have twist while on the lake, just flip the bail and motor till it unwinds and crank it back up. This will remove any twist. Didn't mean to write a novel, but this is how i do it and hope it helps you also. john

  3. orion_xxvx

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    I take those triggers off ..........they just get in my way!! Mr. Crappie Camo line 6 lb test is what i like. About 8 bucks for over 1700 yds. sold at bp.
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    Hastings, Nebraska
    On my light spinning rigs I use braided line like Berkley's Fireline. I have also been quite happy with mono line such as Trilene XL.

    I have four or five rods rigged this way with Shimano trigger spin reels and don't have any backlash problems. Way, way back in the day, when I was making the transition from spincast to spinning reels, I had the same problems you describe.

    I suspect that the problem is line twist. CountryHart had some great suggestions in his post on how to avoid that problem.

    Get 'er untwisted and practice a while and I'm sure you'll be good to go!
  5. massa_jorge

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    i use silverthread an-40 in 6# test and have handled carp to 12 pounds and walleye to 7 pounds. great line! also check out thre low test firelines, they are super strong and thin!
  6. whisker maniac

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    You might try spiderwire in 6# test. It is super strong with low memory.
  7. ninrugger

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    hey mike, i've just put 4# sufix elite on two of my panfish rods and i'm EXTREMELY impressed. i've pulled in a nice sized branch and and 10# carp in pretty good current. seems to have very little memory. i might have to spool up with suffix mono next time too :)
  8. neocats

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    I am using Vicious Panfish Line in 2 to 6# tests. I love the 2#, it's like fishing with a strand of hair. It has a low memory. I also used it ice fishing this past winter and it worked great then too. I have caught cats up to 5# on it so far.


    Alma Kansas
    I use ANDE 4# pink on ultra lights and 8# on my medium tackle.
  10. TxBuddha

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    Another vote for Vicious Panfish. I just started using it and it's quite a bit softer and more manageable than the Wally Marshall line which was my previous favorite. I use the 6# on my spinning outfits for dock shootin' and the 10# on my jig poles.
  11. Relocated-Yankee

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    Welcome, I'm new here too, but I've been fishing for over 40 years!!! As you saw from the replies there are a lot of good lines out there and they are broken down into either braid or mono. I'm not getting into which type to use but it sounds like most of your problems are from 2 issues.

    1. Don'''t overfill your spool, stop about 1/8 to 1/4 inch from the lip of the spool, mono or braid.

    2. Mono has memory and when you spool it on if you get it "backwards" it will coil and "birdnest" when you cast. When you put it on the reel under tension after turning the handle a few times let some slack line between the reel and the spool of line. If the line goes into tight coils, turn the spool of line the otherway. Spool some more on the reel under tenstoion and do the "slack test" again. The line should be much more relaxed. Finish filling the reel. :cool2:
  12. Cuda

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    You could alway put some 20# or 30# Tuf-line on your reel. The 20# would be about 6# dia and the 30# would be 8#dia. That way if a big bass or northern would hit you could handle them. Or if you want you can catfish with it too. Casts great no memory stays limp and will out last any mono line out. I have 15# on the rod I catch bait with. I have had cat hit my bait and they did not get away. I use The 30# on my cat rods that way I can get more line on the reel. And I can cast a bass lure real easy with it too.
  13. spoonfish

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    Do not to over fill the spool.

    Also when you cast, take your casting hand index finger and stop the spool when your bait, lure or w/e your using hits the water, it will keep you from bird nesting.
  14. plainsman

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    Get ya some soft limp mono, like others have recommended, and when ya fill the spool, do that test to see if it curls up. If its being wound on the way it comes off the spool it shouldn't tangle. I had a problem with line tangling after it got stretched with a big fish. I cut that line out, it didn't cast well no more and tangled on itself in the water. Another thing, check the line guides on the pole, make sure they are all straight and not flattened down.
  15. nralover

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    Festus, Missouri
    You know, good old Trilene XL is good mono, and Maxima is good stuff as well.

    As far as nests/backlashes, one way to remedy this is to pull an extra 10 yards off the spool. Panfish won't make a long run on you, so you'll never miss the bit you removed. Also, after casting ALWAYS close the bail with your hand, never by rotating the handle. This will help with twist. Lastly, if you are fishing with small jigs or plastics that "spiral" in the water, it is a good idea to put a small swivel about 12 inches up from the hook. This will prevent some twisting as well. Hope this helps, Jay
  16. catfishcatcher

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    I like the berkley xl (red box) in a 6lb test. As far as the line twist sounds like you are not putting the line on correctly. There is a right and wrong way to put line on a reel. YOU CAN'T put line on the same way as a baitcaster vs spinning reel. Look at the way the line comes off the spool, now take and have someone hold the spool of line the same way. You do this same method for a baitcaster as well. Once the line is made and put onto a spool it creates memory and wants to alway go back to that original position the is was wrapped up. I dont have line twist as long as I put line on correctly. Berkley line usually has a little brocheure in each pack sold with directions for putting line on. Follow this and you should not have any more problems.