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  1. slimepig

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    Kerrville Texas
    my son in law is moving up to goodland kansas soon and will be lookin to do some fishin. he really likes catfishin but also is just learnin to fly fish as well.
    would anyone with some info about the goodland area please let me know asap? Thanks
  2. johnliester

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    Hoxie, Kansas
    Moving to Goodland will be a stretch for catfishing. There's Smoky Gardens to the south of there, but i've heard it went dry a while back. May have filled back up and if so, KDWP will restock it.
    For more reliable catfishing you need to head east of Goodland. Actually about 75 miles east. Sheridan Lake is 12 miles east of Hoxie and has a great catfish population. So does Antelope lake. It's located 5 miles on east from Sheridan lake. A little further drive to the northeast will put him at Sebelious resevoir. Great catfishing, as well as a host of other species.
    You might have him email me and I can try to set him up on some good catfishing. This time of year it's a night time game, sometimes meaning really late night! My parents were fishing just last night and finally quit at 4 am. 9 big cats between the two of them though!! I'm going to try to make it out there friday night.
    Another option is Bonnie Res. just across the border in Colorado. I don't fish it, but have an uncle that does. I'll have to talk to him and see if they're biting out there.
    Tell your son in law good luck from me, John.