good weather on the 3rd day and the buck gave me the slip

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by 6pointer0075, Sep 30, 2009.

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    Dont you just love bow hunting. went his past weekend for tn opening weekend. went sat and the weather was horrible and saw no deer. the weather was ok but not the best sunday and saw no deer but 3 turkeys and a coyote. decided to go monday morning before i accepted defeat and go back to the real world and work. got in the stand about 6:15. saw a coyote and a coon and at about 745 5 big does came in and 3 bucks. 2 small basket racks and one monster 8. i stood up and rotated towards them. the big buck was at just about 50 yards. could have taken it but didnt feel comfortable with a few limbs and didnt want to miss either. the does worked there way towards me and as if something bothered the big buck he just stood, turned around and went right back where he came from. took all next week off so hopefully my next post will be a pic!!! good luck eveybody
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    Better luck next time. It's times like that that make a successful day feel sooooo good.

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    First, I'm glad to hear that you decided not to take an "iffy" shot & risk wounding a beautiful animal.
    Second, that's how those big bucks get BIG; that extra "sense" they have that let's them know when something's not right.
    Good luck, & we'll be waiting on a picture!!