good to be catching fish again

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    oldham county,kentucky
    so i went out fishing this afternoon to the family farm in westport and it was nice to hang into some cats again.i theres a place were the river comes into the shore a bit and the water is calmer with less current in it so i knew there would be something there. i lost 3 live gills within an hour there dont know if gar or the fish were to small. got 4 channel cats out of the same area ranging from 2-5 pounds. i missed a couple of fish cause i just got excited and should have let them run a little more one fish i hooked and saw him flop out of the water then i started reeling and the line went limp cant figure out how that one got off.

    all in all it was a good day of fishing plus my grandma came back in town for a visit and i had dinner with them and caught up on good times. i hope everyone that fished this weekend caught something. if you did post it i would like to hear what ya caught. i should have my boat back next week and i will have to go after the big boys out in the deep.:big_smile:
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    hey good job on a fun day of getting some lines wet. and its always nice to have a meal with the family and catch up

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    John, that is a perfect day. A good day of fishing and get to visit with grandpa & family.