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    Not from Indiana, just wanted to share some fond memories. My grandfather lived in Kokomo Indiana untill he died several years ago and loved to fish. I remember every year at the Kokomo Res. around late july I think, the shad would gather at the dam I guess to try and run down the creek. Anyways, if you would go up to the dam a few hours before daylight those cats would be literally running into the walls of the the dam running them shad. He would walk across the top of the dam throwing a rapals #9 double jointer and I would sit on the bank right by the dam and throw shad that would wash up on shore(there were so many that when a wave would come up some would wash up with it.) We would always leave with almost more cats than we could carry. It was a blast. Wondering if anyone else ever did this at Kokomo Res. If not, it is worth it. Just keep an eye out for the shad run.
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    Cool, thanks for sharing. I've only fished Kokomo once before and we caught quite a few eater sized channel cats and a lot of carp up there, fun little lake to fish. Never did fish near the dam, I wonder if they still let people fish right off of the dam like that? I would love to try that sometime, sounds like a good way to kill a day.

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    If the dams are like Freeman and Shafer they are fenced off now. You can't get close to them on the water side either. Scared someone might bomb them.