Good spot to cast-net for shad!!

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    I just got this from the IDNR weblist: Locals should get on it and start filling there coolers:big_smile: Where is this by the way?

    Potato Creek State Park fishery renovation
    Removal of shad should improve Worster Lake fishing

    The Department of Natural Resources will lower Potato Creek State Park's Worster
    Lake in late summer. The lowering of the water level will help the DNR remove
    gizzard shad from the lake.

    Gizzard shad, which are neither fun to catch nor good to eat, have become the
    most abundant fish in the lake.

    "Gizzard shad have accounted for nearly a third of all fish collected in lake
    surveys conducted since 1990," said DNR fisheries biologist Bob Robertson. "The
    increase in shad has been accompanied by a decrease in largemouth bass and
    bluegill abundance."

    The DNR will have an informational open house to discuss the drawdown and the
    fish management project at 7 p.m., Tuesday, June 6, at the park's nature center.

    The 327-acre lake in St. Joseph County will be lowered about three feet. The
    drawdown is expected to take three to four weeks and will be slow enough to
    prevent any downstream flooding along Potato Creek.

    The drawdown will help fishery biologists add a low concentration of liquid
    Rotenone to Worster Lake.

    Rotenone, an EPA-approved chemical for fishery use, is selective to gizzard shad
    when applied in low concentrations. Shad are very sensitive to Rotenone, but a
    low concentration of the chemical has little or no effect on other fish or
    wildlife species. The DNR has successfully renovated many fisheries using low
    doses of Rotenone.

    Fishing will be allowed throughout the fall drawdown except during the Rotenone
    application, scheduled for early October. Boat rental at Worster Lake will end
    on Labor Day; however, boat ramps will remain open as long as water levels

    Potato Creek S.P. map and information:

    Media contact;
    Tim Cordell,
    Interpretive Naturalist,
    Potato Creek State Park,
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    Hey, I got a better idea. How bought stocking that baby with some nice cats. Like the ones PA biologists are killing. Watch the rapid growth rates of the cats as the shad population begins to decline rapidly. JMO. Vern