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  1. JimmyJonny

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    Its that time of year when I'm stalking the mail Lady......yep , taxes are done and I'm watching that mailbox like a hawk.

    If your like me you are gonna buy in bulk and I thought I would start this thread for us all to exchange great deals that we find. With the price of gas the way it is...saving money on tackle = more trips out on the water.

    If you are looking for something out of the it here , lots of us will be looking around and will come across great deals on all sorts of equipment.

    Also where I live there isn't a Bass Pro Shop around so more than likely a few of us local guys might get together and make a road trip. I would really enjoy a day of man shopping and maybe a even a stop at a know, like Hooters ; )

    Here are a few things I will be looking for:

    1500yrd of power pro #50, yellow
    leader line
    3" float
    circle hooks
    glow sticks
    no roll molds
    sabiki rigs
    ** good SC Lake maps**

    I hope this helps some of us save a buck ; )

  2. WylieCat

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    Let me know if you make the road trip to the Charlotte Bass Pro Shops. Keep in mind there is a Gander Mountain store here also. Maybe some of the Carolinas Catfish Club members can meet up with you guys and grab some lunch and do some look around!

    You can't really beat E-Bay for good deals. Granted, if you are in a hurry it is not the place, but if you have the patience to do some "stalking" you can find some deals.

    If you like Gamakatsu Octopus Circle hooks, PM myself for Billfish76. We found a guy at the fishing show that sells hooks that are identical to Gamakatsu hooks at half the price. No difference is shape, size, or material, just half the cost.