Good people in Arkansas

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARKANSAS TALK' started by catsmith1, May 27, 2008.

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    Haughton, Louisiana
    Well me and Jenny went to Arkansas this past weekend and had a blast with the girls. While we were there we met up with Gene up in Lakeview. Sorry we could not visit longer but really enjoyed the time we had to talk.

    If all of the BOC members are as nice as Gene is yall have a great group of AR BOC members!

    Thanks again for letting us stop by Gene and I cannot wait to try out the Bobbers!
  2. whisker maniac

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    Well Robert,

    I Hope this is totally true of all members of the BOC not just us Arkansas members.

    I can tell you from experience from meeting quite a few of the arkansas members at the De Gray gathering tho that they are all a great bunch of folks from all walks of life.

    We even had a couple members from Oklahoma come to our gathering in De Gray. Awshucks and Fuzzface joined us at De Gray and they were also just as great as the Arkansas folks. If this is an account of how all the BOC members are then we surely have the creme of the crop in all our members here on the BOC.

    Out of all the folks that I have talked to on the forum and in the chat room but have not met yet, I can truly say that I believe that all members of the BOC are truly sincere and are really good folks that love the sport of fishing and the conservation efforts of their favorite fish to fish for the great and mighty catfish.


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    Benton, Ar
    Kevin, I have to second that on all that you said. The BOC family is like none other. I have been anywhere from Arkansas to Oklahoma, down to Lousiana, back up to Peduca Kentucky and have meet members from as far away as California and North Carolina and almost over the ocean to London,England. The Boc family and their sincere folks from all walks of life are just as great no matter where they are from. This is truely a great place to make friendships and memories to last.
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    Little Rock, AR
    Not to say that we haven't had a few (very few) undesirable types sign up on our board, but our great staff quickly warned them of the error of their ways, and when they failed to heed the warning, were ejected from the BOC.
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    im going to have to chime in with the rest of them . i am very fortunate to become a member of the boc and live in arkansas
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    I agree with all of you on the BOC, I started to fish when I was very young with my daddy. He loved to catfish too, wish he was still with us so I could get him in on the BOC, he would have loved it.
    Like I said I have been catfishing for years, then last summer I meet an Arkansas BOC member that changed my hole way of fishing and thinking. He is truly the true Arkansas fisherman and now my freind and fishing buddy. He talked me into joining the BOC, it has been one of the best things I've done in years, I've gone to a few gatherings and meet BOC members from all over the best fellowship in the world.
    Thank you Poison Pitts a true fishing freind.
  7. CountryHart

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    I grew up and lived in Ark. most of my life. I couldn't agree more. I've made some sure nuff friends here and continue to meet folks. I like it.:wink: